SSC CGL 2015 Interview Experience Part 6

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We are sharing with you interview experience of SSC CGL 2015.

Jyoyi Agrawal

Interview experience 27/02/2016
NR region, Board No. 4

M.Sc. Biotechnology
New Delhi
Reporting time 11:30 am
I reached at center at 11 am, we were allowed to enter at sharp 11:30 am, firstly there was bio metric test by Left thumb impression, than document verification
In interview panel were 2 male and 1 lady member.
M1 –You are from biotech
Ans- Yes sir.
M1 – What is your hobby
Ans.- I told than some questions from hobby, I explained properly
L1- Who gave Survival of fittest theory?
Ans. Told, then she asked tell something about it…I explained as better as I could.
L1 – What is coral?
Ans. – I couldn’t recall, I said sorry. she said you should know…I said, sorry ma’am I don’t know.
L1- what is difference between DNA and Rh factor and their application
Ans- I explained…she was satisfied.
L1- what are single celled organism.
Ans. I told with example
L1- Volume of blood in our body.
Ans. I replied
M2 – What are GM (genetically modified) crops and their application.
Ans- I explained with examples.
M2- what is use of GM crops.
Ans – told.. he was satisfied.

Then they all smiled and said u can go
I thanked them all n came out of the room.
Interview done..hoping for the best#

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