SSC CGL 2015 Interview Experience Part 3

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of SSC CGL 2015.
Anuj Verma

So my experience 

Q1 (sr. Member)( apart from my field) – how we can increase periodic time/ dcrsng frequency of oscilator
Me-told .. (by incresing efective length)
Ball passed to anothr male cndidate
Q2-what is mobile computing
Q3-why in dual sims (smart phones) sometimes n/w of one sim gone out
Me-told clashing b/w n/w and pulse generated by one tower collide with another intrvwr satisfied bt interevened and asked next ques
Q4- what is scientific name for that
Me-sorry sir no conments
Ball passed to antgr male candidate
Q5-what is diff b/w national and international chess rules
Me-told(one step nd 2 step nd swapping of king with elephant and regensis of all troops) intrvwr said yeah bt intvwr was asking for sth else and i dnt know what he want listen to😐
Ball passed to anthr male candidate
Q7-which central office is in barabanki(my home district) which u gave in preference as well
Anothr bombard its working

Ball passed to female candidate
Q7-urs universirt a.p.j. kalan tecg university elaborate it
Me-told recently its name has beeb changed to a.k.t.u. formelry u.p.t.u. bla bla and changed its name to a.k.t.u.
Q9-tell me about abdul kalam
Me-told (his child hood and sis bla bla)
Q10- how mr. kalam gave inspiration to youths
Q11-‘wings of fire’ what was in that book
Me-sorry mam i havn’t read yet…
She said ok thank you but u must read it

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