SSC CGL 2015 Interview Experience Part 2

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We are sharing with you interview experience of SSC CGL 2015.

Lokesh Loki Concepts

Interview experience, South region.

B.Tech EEE, A.P. marks 434.25,UR.

Three males n one female.
Me: namasthe Sir, namasthe madam.
M2: take ur seat.
M1: u mentioned to bcme a buerocrat, y ?
Me : explained
M1: people doesnt like beurocrats then y do u want to bcome ?
Me: I don’t think people doesn’t like them. Infact they respect them.
M1: I heard buerocrat word using to abuse like u r acting like a beaurocrat ?
Me: no sir, It means a public servant who follows n implements the rules made by the govt.
FM: is it ?
Me: yes madam, even I googled it n confirmed with Wikipedia.
FM: ohh, fine.
M2: then what’s happening in the country, does buerocrats following the rules ?
Me: most probably following sir, but I m not really involved in the system so I m not sure.
M1: do u mean to say they must follow rules ? ( he is not leaving the word buerocrat)
Me: they must follow sir. May b thats the reason people don’t like them. (Every one laughs)
FM: u r good in academics n especially mathematics 100% in all classes. U should have done b.SC n MSC mathematics.
M3: the bullet misfired n did btech.
Me: yes mam, that’s y I applied for ssc so that I can score max in mathematics.
M1: u got the job in FCI, did u join ?
Me: I m yet to join sir. result was came just 2 weeks ago.
M1: once u will join u will know how they r following the rules (n laughs).
Me: I explained FCI depot job Profile.
M3: what r the sorces of energy? (Mentioned in biodata form as poster presentation)
Me: explained clearly.(satisfied)
M3: doesn’t we have any option without depending on other nations for energy resources ?
Me: explained.(satisfied)
M3: wat abt vehicles ?
Me: research was gng to make solar battery vehicles n h2o running vehicles.
M3: doesn’t they cost too high ?
Me: yes but govt giving subsidies for using solar panels now, when the vehicles came then also govt will provide subsidies to promote green energy.
M2: how many districts in A.P?
Me: 13 sir
M2: Wats the population ?
Me: 4.95 crores acc to 2011, present around 5c.
M2: literacy rate ?
Me: told 72 ( but it is 69)
M2: male n female literacy ?
Me: don’t know sir.
M2: whose literacy might me higher ?
Me: sir asusual male literacy.
M2: okay Mr.Lokesh thank u, u can go.
Me: thank u sir, thank u madam.

Note: my first exp, n first post. Don’t find grammatical errors n wrng spellings plz.
N how was my interview ?
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