Interview tips by Vinay Gupta AIR rank 35

Here are some points about interviews from my experience. Interviews are mix of luck and hard work. But still we can just do our part.
First of all , Fill your biodata form neatly and every information should be explicit otherwise u will be begging for a question. They can ask question related to any word in biodata form. For eg. My
residential colony is Maruti City. Head of the panel asked me where this word came from. I tried maruti suzuki and hanumaan ji b yaad aa gye. But it was not that he was expecting. He told that maruti was related to maruti plant which was related to lated sanjay gandhi. Next 2-3 questions were on sanjay gandhi and indira gandhi. So u can see how questions are turned up from your bio data
Now next part is your graduation. If you cant prepare very well, then atleast know the basics. If you dont even know basics of your graduation then it will make bad impression. Now for those who are doing job in some xyz field, I observed CR region is not going to show any sympathy. Some panel of CR region will ask majorly about graduation. 
Now next is extra curricular activities. Whatever you mention in it, you should know it. Else, It will be just show off. Same goes with social activities. Those who will mention blood donation , should read about it. Types of blood group and all.
Now next part is job experience. I think You should be comfortable in it as this is what you do on daily basis.
Next part is hobby and interests. First of all, try to know difference between hobby and interests. Then prepare about your hobby and interests. If you dont know about your hobby then it might be embarrassing. 
Now next 2 parts are self explanatory. One dont need too much mind joggling in these parts. 
Apart from this, You should know about home town, state, current affairs happening in country. 
Feel free to ask any thing else. 
PS- Those who are going to appear in CR region should prepare well. I appeared twice there.
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