SSC CGL interview experience part 1

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of SSC CGL 2015.Thanks to Dinesh Dinu for sharing interview experience.

First day first show first person on the list of the document verification and after document verification online verification happened … And then as there was my first number had to wait in front of interview hall no 1 .. For about 20 minutes then 3 members entered who were supposed to take the lining as the bell rang after nervous moments of 20 minutes I entered the hall and wished them good morning .. I was allowed to sit .. 3 members in panel m1 m2 n f3… M2: u r dinesh Kumar ? Me : yes sir . m2: where r u from ? I replied district n state name .

M2: oh u r from village or city
Me: village .
M2: tell me how’s environment there and is fatehabad back in enviornment  greenery? And how’s all gonna change ? I replied everything as there gonna build nuclear reactor I answered everything in which field my district is behind some desert area too and nuclear reactor side affects as they asked in between .
M1: ur mla and mp of ur fatehabad : mla mp full form mlc full form? I puzzled as I forgot mp mla name but I remembered and told them after few thoughts I was damn confused the waiting time but confidence built as I started answering .. M1: u r computer engineer? Tell me ASCII code how’s A written copy pen se likhwaya M1: he began asking tuff questions of technical terms I replied many but jiska nhi pta tha like
” cloud computing conversion rate c++ advanced features many more terms I replied I know and said sorry don’t know I really didn’t knew
Then f3 mam started .. One thing I really want to appreciate panel was cooperative they gave me hint if I did not knew and I took that granted .. F3: tell me digital India scheme requisites I told 2 but not 3rd one she briefed all .. M2: rohit vemulla case what actually is that why he suicided? I replied he then asked negative impacts of social media on peoples?? I told all violence cases are spread due  to this children mind are diverted due to excessive use of internet m2: OK good tell me impact on international terms of social media : I directly went on Isis Islamic state full form asked )) then twitter use and brain washing by Isis militants ..
 Hobby me I wrote social media using ?? Hobby question 5 were there which social media u use? What is twitter and its limit ?? F3: turkey kha h? I replied now everything  and they were pretty impressed turkey capital I replied Ankara madam checked my confidence no it is not?? There was world map in room she said show me turkey: ? I stood up on chair went to wall and showed as they asked pencil se 1 gigabytes ko likhwaya sheet par then question again mam to which technology we are going in 5th generation:?? I replied VLSI chips they asked what is chip why chip size now reducing 5tg generation ?? I said core processing they wanted exact answer and hint deke muh se niklwalia nano technology ..that’s it OK u may go 20 minutes everything positive best interview I faced so far all were sopportive and I am fully confident that I may get gud score .. They know rest and result will tell ..hobbies technical background current everything was there 90% I felt good except beginning part I was nervous hope u will like friends .. And all the best for interviews friends on next days coming

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