How to fill Post Preference in SSC CGL 2016

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We are receiving lots of queries that what should be order of filling post preference in SSC CGL16 Application form.Actually we had planned that we would give you complete information abut all post and according to that you can fill your preference because each candidate has own priorities,conditions or facing different situation so order of post preference will be different from one person to another.But on demand we are giving you post preference 

First go through this post Information aboout All CGL Posts.
After this go through this post different factors regarding SSC CGL Posts

Now this is general post preference for Interview posts.You can change it accordingly to your choice and convenience:
1.Examiner(Pros-Fill this post at first if you want promotion,power and authority and Cons-don’t fill this post because you have to spend 16-18 years in coastal areas and and you can get your home state after becoming Group A,)
2.Income Tax Inspector(Pros-Income tax Inspector is complete post as in terms of social respect,power,authority,working condition,perks.girls can fill this post as first preference, Cons-real authority starts from ITO)

3.Assistant in ministry of external affairs(Pros:Best post in terms of perks and if you want foreign posting,girls can fill this post as second preference Cons-don’t fill this post if you want to stay in India
4.Central Excise Inspector(Pros: social respect,power,Uniform Cons:slow promotion)
5.Assistant in CSS(Pros:if you want to settle in Delhi,if you want to secure posting in north region and have plan to prepare further for UPSC this is the best post for you and also very good promotion aspects,girls can fill this post as third preference,Cons: Clerical work)
5.Preventive Officer(Pros:better promotion and power that Central Excise Inspector Cons:Posting in coastal areas
6.Assistant Enforcement Officer(Pros:very good promotion chances and power Cons:social respect)
6.SI in CBI(Prons:Power and authority and fear of CBI Cons:very high workload and tension)
7.Divisional Accountant(Pros:Power and authority in state office Cons:not transferable Job)
8.AAO-You can perfer AAO as top preference. (Not for those who looking for posts only in delhi/NCR or suffering from homesickness)
AAO is the only post which is gazetted among other posts.4800 GP means more salary (except CBI,AEO & NIA).
Accd to 7th Pay recommendation, AAO will get parity with similar counterparts in dept. of revenue and css. Means AAO will automatically get upgraded Grade pay of 5400 after 4 years of continuous service. So, the only post in which you will be at 5400 GP before 2022 or 2023.Transferable and available in all states (Examiner, PO & DA have constraints regarding location). Cadre restructuring pending in near future, hence promotion will be fast for some batches.

Important Note:
  • Fill all other interview posts that are not in list by decreasing grade pay.
  • If you want to get posting in Delhi fill Assistant posts first.
  • For girls order of preference will be ITI>MEA>CSS>All Assistant posts like railway, Cypher, AFHQ >Central Excise Inspector>AEO>Inspector of Post>DA>PO>SI in CBI.
  • If you have no issue in working in coastal areas your post preference will be Examiner>ITI>PO>Cental Excise Insp.>AEO>CSS>All Assistant posts like railway, Cypher,AFHQ>DA>CBI
  • Check your Eligibility of post for example if your age is above 27 or 30,height,Colorblindness,OH,VH and other factors
  • Take your time in filling post preference.This post preference will decide your career.Read Complete Notification.
  • Fill your DOB and Category and other fields correctly. SSC will not give you another chance to rectify your mistakes in some cases.
For Non Interview Post and TA
1.TA CBDT very good promotion chances,social respect 
2.Auditor in CAG Social respect and salary more than TA 
in non interview post
4.Auditor in CGDA
5.Auditor in CGA 
6.Accountant in CAG
7.Accountant in CGA
Note : for Girls order of post preference for Non Interview post will be TA CBDT>=Auditor in CAG>Auditor in CDGA>Auditor in CGA>Accountant in CAG>Accountant in CGA>TA CBEC
Most Important thing is to fill all post in preference form for which you are eligible. Don’t leave any post in your preference form for which you are eligible.

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