How to Fill Bio Data form for SSC Interview

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you some tips for filling bio data form for SSC Interview
1. Do write in your bio data only those achievements which you can justify to yourself. 

2. Believe me, it doesn’t matter what institute u have studied from. It really doesn’t. Only thing that matters is whether you should look like a product that you are claiming yourself to be. 

3. I have seen higher rankers getting just 40% marks in interview just because they could not prove themselves worthy of the qualifications and achievements they mentioned in bio data.
 4. A friend of mine even went to the extent of writing hobbies and interest under separate headings… doubts were raised in the board room… and she did justified her segregation… scored 68. 
5. So write anything (nothing is considered stupid in an interview)… but you should be able to stand upto 
6. There is be no spelling errors in the bio data form 
7. The boi data form should be filled legibly and completely. There should be no column left blank and if no information is available against any of them “NIL” or “NOT APPLICABLE” should be clearly written. Don’t use shortened form such as “Pol Science” but write “Political Science 
8.Give as much information about your academic record, highlighting awards, scholarships and prizes won by you, subjects studied etc. Do not repeat and do not omit to mention any qualification acquired through a study such as certificate, diploma or degree whether or not it is relevant to the job for which interview is held. The recruitment body may have a policy of awarding extra marks or attaching some weight to them in evaluation process 
9. Work, Experience, whether backed by certificate from employer or not, should be invariably mentioned in the bio data.
10.many Job aspirants are not serious about providing details of hobbies of interests in the bio data form. Many activities in which the candidates do not any actual interests are included in the mistaken notion that there will not be further probing on them. Many write “Listening to songs” as a hobby with no actual interest in listening to song. When they are questioned about type of songs they listen to, they are clueless. Remember, one lie leads to another and so on. In the interview you have to highlight your strengths and good qualities and not imaginary hobbies or interests. 

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