40 Important Interview Questions for SSC Interview

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you 40 Important Interview Questions for SSC Interview.Hope you like it

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. Meaning of your name?
  3. Which famous person name relates with yours?
  4. Your Date of Birth? Any Historical Importance of that date?
  5. Which Person shares the same Date of Birth?
  6. Father’s and Mother’s profession ?
  7. Number of Brother and Sister?
  8. Brother’s and Sister’s profession?
  9. If married, then question on Husband/Wife profession?
  10. Hobbies, Strength and Weakness?
  11. Are you a team player ?
  12. What is your ambition?
  13. Number of Districts in your state?
  14. Your Aggregate in Graduation? 
  15. Why do you want to join SSC?
  16. What are today’s headlines?
  17. How your field is useful to us(SSC)?
  18. How important is this Interview to you?
  19. What qualities differentiate from other candidates?
  20. Why have you filled ITI/MEA/Examiner/CSSas your first preference. 
  21. Name of your college? If ans is Gautam Buddha University/Mother Therssa University, then follow up questions were like – Tell 
  22. me something about Buddha.
  23. When did you complete your graduation? Did you join any Job? How much are you earning? 
  24. Why do you want to leave your job?
  25. You are from CSE ryt? Why don’t you try in Software Industry…Why SSC?
  26. Why 2/3/4 years of gap between your graduation and now? What you did in between?
  27. A leader should be Liked or Feared? What kind of leader you are? What is your opinion?
  28. How do you think that you are suitable for the job?
  29. How can you add value to the job?
  30. Why do you want to leave present job?
  31. Why is your academic record not consistent?
  32. What are your strength and weakness?
  33. What do you know about the ministry or department or which job is located?
  34. How long will you stay in the job if you are selected?
  35. Don’t you think that you are more suited for the job you are currently  holding?
  36. Why do you want this job when you have technical or higher qualifications?
  37. Can you describe how through team work you could resolve a ticklish issue?
  38. Describe the most difficult situation you have faced in your current job and how you handled it?
  39. What was your role in the last assignment handled by your team and how you handled?

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