129 Interview questions for Commerce Background for SSC Interview

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We are sharing with you 129 interview questions for aspirants those are appearing from commerce background shared by Target Interview group member Anoop Kumar Sharma.Hope you like his efforts.

  1. Significance of mean median & mode? 
  2. DTC?
  3. GST?
  4. New companies act?
  5. According to you, how much time it will take for the countries to come out of recession? 
  6. Are exports included in GDP?
  7. Calculate income tax of this question. Can operating profit be more than gross profit?
  8. Can you comment something on the ongoing recession?
  9. Can you describe how Private Banking works?
  10. Can you elaborate on the various sub accounts of BOP?
  11. Comment on this year’s budget?
  12. Difference between current assets & fixed assets?
  13. Difference between revenue and profit?
  14. Discount rate is the correct term. What else can you call it?
  15. Do you invest in the stock markets? 
  16. Do you know about the budget and economy? 
  17. Do you know of any mechanism by which RBI can withdraw excess money supply from the FOREX market?
  18. Explain PERT technique?
  19. For a big MNC, What documents are covered in the Financial Statement?
  20. Give me the responsibilities of RBI in simple points?
  21. Give SEBI guidelines for a small investor. Have you heard about CAG? 
  22. Have you heard about investment banking?
  23. Have you heard about variance and standard deviation?
  24. Have you read about standard deviation and other such statistical terms?
  25. How do you determine dollar’s rate and on what formula is it based?
  26. How do you do breakeven analysis?
  27. How do you record sundry allowances in accounts?
  28. How does GDP contribute to the economy of the country?
  29. How many banks are there in India?
  30. How many different accounting standards are there? 
  31. How will you determine the discount rate?
  32. How will you explain what is NPV to your grand-mother? 
  33. In which language accountancy was first established?
  34. Is forex a part of BOP?
  35. Is there any proposal of opening new banks?
  36. Questions on economics such as what inflation is, what equimarginal utility is, and what macro economics is.Suppose I am a layman how will you make me understand what a Subprime crisis is?
  37. Suppose you have a balance sheet of an SME company, how will you decide whether to finance the company or not?
  38. Tell me something about double entry book keeping? 
  39. Tell me something about GST?
  40. Tell us about accounts and taxation?
  41. Tell us the functioning of RBI, who is the current governor of RBI?
  42. What are CRR, Repo Rate, Reverse Repo Rate and Bank Rate, how they are used by RBI?
  43. What are direct and indirect taxes? 
  44. What are the different accounting ratios?
  45. What are the different types of taxes?
  46. What are the measures of central tendency?
  47. What are the Taxation rules?
  48. What do you mean by the word subprime?
  49. What is a Budget?
  50. What is a SEZ? 
  51. What is balance of payments?
  52.  What is capital budgeting?
  53.  What is centre’s role and state’s role in planning?
  54.  What is COGS? 
  55. Tell something about depreciation frauds. 
  56. What is CRR?
  57. What is current rate?
  58. What is difference between book value and market value?
  59. What is direct tax?
  60. What is EQ? 
  61. What is excise duty?
  62. What is export data and import data? 
  63. What is FDI and FII?
  64. What is finance?
  65. What is Fiscal deficit and what is the fiscal deficit of India? 
  66. What is fixed cost and variable cost?
  67. What is Fixed Cost, Variable Cost and Break Even point?
  68. What is GDP and what is PPP?
  69. What is GDP?
  70. What is ICWA, balance sheet?
  71. What is IIP?
  72. What is Income tax?
  73. What is India’s foreign exchange reserve?
  74. What is indirect tax?
  75. What is inflation?
  76. What is its current rate?
  77. What is Investment banking?
  78. What is Keynesian theory?
  79. What is liquidity?
  80. What is Marginal Costing?
  81. What is market capitalization?
  82. What is mean, median and mode?
  83. What is the relation between these three?
  84. What is mortality rate? 
  85. What is PE ratio?
  86. What is Purchasing Power Parity?
  87. Concept and Explanation with regard to the Rupee and Dollar.
  88. What is recession?
  89. What is slow down? 
  90. What is SEZ?
  91. What is Standard deviation?
  92. What is the concept of Comparative Cost Advantage?
  93. What is the difference between Options and Futures?
  94. What is the fiscal deficit of India?
  95. What is the fiscal deficit of the US?
  96. What is the full form of GAAP?
  97. What is the GDP growth rate of India?
  98. What is the inflation rate in US?
  99. What is the internal rate of return formulae?
  100. What is the Net present value formula?
  101. What is the price of oil in the world market today?
  102. How is it affecting India? 
  103. What is the relation between income statement and balance sheet?
  104. What is the role of an auditor?
  105. What is the turnover? 
  106. What is trade, commerce, accounts, GDP rate and General Entry?
  107. What is value of firm?
  108. What is working capital account?
  109. What is Z factor in economics?
  110. What tax you pay in importing?
  111. What was your favorite subject in B.Com?
  112. When did Operations Research come into existence?
  113. What is its relevance?
  114. When is the Budget presented and who presents it? 
  115. Which accounting standard do we follow?
  116. Which country’s SEZ project is very successful? 
  117. Who decides the exchange rate?
  118. Who does the Economic Planning for India?
  119. Who invented Double Entry Book Keeping? 
  120. Who is an entrepreneur?
  121. Who is the chief of the economic planning commission?
  122. Who prepares the Budget?
  123. Why CS, why not CA?
  124. Why did you shift from commerce to arts?
  125. Why do you like accounts?
  126. Why is P&L account not known as profit and loss account?
  127. Why not become a CA?
  128. Why profit is shown on liability side of the balance sheet?
  129. Why you chose commerce as your field?
  130. Why you don’t do a course in CA or in M.Com?

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