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Hi friends/ cgl aspirants

Very good morning to all of you.Today I saw a post in which a candidate was calling himself unfortunate as he was not finally selected.It prompted me to tell you something about my struggles.This is only a little part of struggles that I am facing.May be it benefits a few of you.

I belong to a rural area of BHAGALPUR district of Bihar from Gen catagory.My both parents are not properly educated.They only know how to write their names.There has been no good tradition of giving good education to children and make them developed human force.I am the eldest son of my family so it is my duty to shoulder my responsibilities for my family.There is an age difference of 40 years between me and my father.It means he is very old and can’t earn.My family possess only a few pieces of small land where they do farming which is hardly beneficial. Also there hasbeen disputes with kith and kin.
I am really blessed with having such a good mother who sent me school in childhood who purchased less amount of food but arranged for my books,notebooks,school fees and tuition fees.I also used to help them in farming, household work and even did labour work to earn some amount of money.I emerged as a bright student of mathematics and topped the matriculation examination securing 98% marks in Advanced maths and 96% marks in physics in around 400 students of my school.A few of my junior friends requested me to give them tuition and I accepted their proposal. It helped me afterwards but it also affected my preparation for 12th and Graduation but I had no other than this option to go with.I completed my honours from Marwari College BHAGALPUR which was 30 kms far away from my village.I had to cover a total distance of 60 Km each day by bicycle to attend classes.I generally missed my first class.There was also one common thing that my classes stared at 7 am and I gave tuition to my students from 5:30 am to 9:00 am.It was a question of bread for my family which was my first priority. It so happened in one year of my graduation that I did not get information of filling up of forms of part 2 as connecting road from my village was fully damaged in flood and I was cut apart from my college for around 6 months.This is why I completed my graduation in 4 years that too without having proper knowledge of honours paper.I completed it afterwards.
Up to graduation,I know nothing about SSC and Grade Pay.I filled the forms of Punjab and sindh bank po,SSC cgl 10, MCA from JNU/BHU .The exam date of Punjab and Sindh bank and SSC cgl 10 matched and I decided to appear for SSC as it was to held at BHAGALPUR whereas PO exam was in Patna.Fortunately, I qualified in PT exam securing 134 marks in PT.I came to know about my results just before 10 days of tier2, I appeared in SAS- CGDA exam 2010 and did very good in maths and missed final selection by just 1 marks. It was just before tier 2 of SSC cgl 10.Had I taken Eng paper seriously, I would have got 4800 GP job in my very first attempt. I appeared in tier 2 of CGL 10 and qualified for interview posts.It was here in Allahabad where I knew about ITI or GP.As my first preference was T,I was selected for Auditor but I got my home state as my rank was very good.Just before that I was disqualified in CDS interview, I appeared in CGL11 and got 0 marks in English paper of tier 2 as I coded one digit of TF no. wrong,coded 0 in place of 1.I again appeared for CGL 12,same thing happened once again I was awarded 0 marks in maths paper as I coded TF 071NO2 in place of 671NO2,It was really a very bad time for me as I was scoring around 400 that time which was a very good score in CGL 12.Being introvert, I could not share it with my family members.I appeared in CGL 13 and faced all the drama of cancellation, reexam ,etc.I scored 457.75,PT-140.25,tier2-maths-180,Eng-137.50, in written and appeared in the interview where I was given only 35 marks,did not know why as my performance was average and I got DIV. ACCOUNTANT post,now allocated to Bihar.My all hopes were shattered on the day of final results of CGL 13 exam.I again appeared in CGL 14 exam,in PT could not perform well as my exam was on 19 th morning,got only 126.25,in tier 2 scored well,got 185 in maths and 170 in English. I appeared in the interview where the members of the interview board were cordial and I performed very well and finally selected as EXAMINER in customs,AIR-188,2nd topper in Bihar.I hope for 65+ in interview as my rank in written was 302 and in final results 188,means an improvement of 114 ranks.Best of luck to all.

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