Preparation strategy and tips for SSC CGL by Vikas Dubey

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you some preparation strategy and tips for SSC CGL 2016 by Vikas Dubey (ITI CGL 2013).Hope you like his efforts.
First of all know the competition and check where do u stand.
U can do it with simple unseen practice sets or papers of prelims and mains(maths+eng).
Check previous year cutoffs they r meant to rise.. Then prepare accordingly having a look at those. Preparation strategy depends person to person. All cant have common strategy..
My take is in 2016 cgl u must set a target of 450 for any IP post and 500+ to be in a position to get a desired post. 460 for CSS will do..

Now u may qstn why m setting such high targets. Reason is 99% chances are that u will lose against your targets in cgl or upsc. So think higher always. Thoda kam apne aap hojaega..
If exam is online u can reduce 30-50 marks overall of above scores.
Now books. I am weak regarding books knowledge. I have read plinth to paramount in eng and I found it nice book. Few MB books prvs yr papers. It was 60+ sets that time nd I was able to do 25odd only. In maths I did Platform advance maths and kiran practice sets. I have got to know kiran chapterwise is a decent book though I have seen it partially only. I think all of these books good.. My advise to u will be whichever book in the world u do, do it thuroughly. I will also not advise u to do too many books. But whatever u do have complete command over those books.
For beginners my advise will be start with plinth and r s aggarwal type books and then go to kiran chapterwise and MB books(eng and maths). And keep doing prctc sets now or then.. For reasoning prctc sets r enuf I think or take some book. GK k liye arihant ki 25 ya 100 around wali book. Or leucent if u want to do well. Today prelims scores matter so it is good to do some GK also now.
For people with good educational backgrounds specially with good maths and english my advise is start with kiran chapterwise and MB books. Nd keep practising.
U can follow books told by other seniors also. I have heard SP bakshi and some word power(forgot author) i guess r good.

At the end few experiences.
*Always have good faith on urself but never be overconfident(I sufferred in maths due to it, I dint focus maths much).
*Prepare so much that u dont feel anxiety on exam day. Anxiety will reduce your performance by 20% atleast. Achive optimum anxiety levels. Less or more both r hazardous. For optimum prepare well. I always knew I have left some imprtant chapters so always very anxious..
*In the last 2 weeks of exams start sleeping by 10pm anyhow. So that last night of exams u can sleep. I could never sleep on last night of exam.(anxiety agn)
*For filling ovals save 20-25 mits around at the end and do it at one go. 10-12 mits will do for maths mains. U need less time than this though. If u still save time at the end do few more qstns. But pls prctc it many time b4 exams. I lost few marks in pre as I did it without prctc and filled few wrong ovals then fluid nd all and lost few marks..
*If u want to improve urself set some standard for urself. Like if u want a post just tell urself time to time that I will not take any other post.. eg: The first day I knew about exam and got the syllabus and posts knowledge I told myself that I will not take any other post than income tax inspector.. Even before pre I told my frnds I will take this post only.. Once intervu was over my words were changed though as I knew I have made mistakes at all stages.. Then I said I will take even DA aslo tongue emoticon
But it is to improve urself. U can try such things but on ur own risk. Coj na mila manchahi post to majak bi ban skta h wink emoticon
Kuch yad aya bad m to bata duga.
Njoy studies. Best of luck. like emoticon

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