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Today i want to share my story. I am from a simple family. I was good at study but after 6th standard i have not focused on my study and just somehow passed 10th standard with 67%. After tenth i have

choosen science because most of the my friends choosed this but in few months i have realised without proper guidance i cant handle this and everybody know the education in bihar is not in very good condition, lack of resouces, shortage of good teachers in colleges no classes only exam is the reality how can a average students do well in studies without coaching. I have passed these 2 years of my life and passed 12th with 63.8%. At that time i was thinking about iit but not possible without proper guidance and hard work.

After 12th i have enroll myself in ba history hons. Because there is no study in college so i have decided that i will prepare for competive exam like railways ssc and bank (2011). At that time i dont know anything about ssc so i started preparation for railway. But after some time i have realised that there is no certainity of vacancy in railways and i did not want to do work in bank. So i shifted to ssc.
I was not very confident that time but in few months i had realised that i am much better than most of my friends because my score is more than them in practice sets.
My first exam is cgl 2012 but without graduation. I was scared at exam centre because i have mentioned wrong information for this. I have given the paper and scored 90 marks but did not give mains because of fear.
My first official exam is 10+2 2012 i have score 123 marks but not prepared well for typing and disqualified by .5% mistake margin in typing. I was very disappointed after that. So i decided work hard both on study and typing i have given another exam of railway (technical) in dec 2012 but not qualified.
So i had decided i would focus only on ssc. I had started teaching math for competition and gave ssc MTS and 10+2 2013. I had cleared both exam. I was the topper of bihar region in mts but did not go for document verfication because i did not want to do this job. In 10+2 i have scored 133 marks and my typing was in good condition so i cleared typing easily.
At that time i had given another exam drdo (clerk) and also cleared it. Now my confidence was very high. I had completed my graduation in 2013 and submitted 2014 cgl form in january 2014
I was working hard for cgl but due to 2013 cgl it was delayed. I was again disappointed but two good news was waiting for me. 10+2. 2013 and drdo final result was announced and i was qualified in both exam.
Now i have distracted from studies because i was over confident. At nov 2014 i had given 2014 cgl pre and waiting for result.
I was also waiting for my joininh in any either in drdo or in deo but due to redtapism my police verification took very long time.
Finally i have got my first govt job joining in feb 2015 and joined on. 12th feb 2015 in visakhapatnam.
After few weeks i had to give cgl mains but i didnt have much resources i had started preparation with the the help of a few books. I had given mains in april 15. The paper was easy so i was confident about my reslut. After few week result was announced and i was selected for ip post and scored overall 453 marks. 123.75+173.5+156
I have given interview without much preparation and scored 50 marks in it. When final result came i had selected for income tax inspector with total 503.25 marks.
After that my joining of deo was also came and joined ag a&e bhubaneswar on 4th august 2015.
Now i am waiting for my joining of income tax. In last few years i have changed from a shy personality to a confident personality.
I want to say a lot of things about myself but i have narrated my story in short.

Just one thing i want to say keep faith in ur ability and be confidence. God make everybody with a special talent if u determined hard u can do anything, i was not regular with my study but i have got a good job because i have confidence in myself and work really hard.

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