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So here the story starts.
Hi. Got selected for CSS. Thanks for all your help. Although i dont consider it to be an achievement, still i want to share my experience for it may come in handy for someone else. Here goes my story:

I am working as Assistant Manager in a PSU bank. I joined as a PO at the minimum possible age of 21 and have been struggling to enjoy the job ever since, failing miserably though. Having joined at such young age, prospects looked bright for a GM ED post deep in future, and that’s what kept me going for the past 5 years. But there’s only a limit upto which u can continue doing something to impress people, there’s always a melting point. Mine came in 2013 when i decided that enough was enough and i cant work my ass off day in and day out with little satisfaction at the end of the day. I decided to get another job. SSC was a pretty obvious choice, but it works in funny ways. 2013 exam got delayed to the point of frustration. Hadn’t even filled the form for cgl 2013, so the wait for 2014 was a long one, but it came at last. I was simultaneously preparing for RBI grade B, so SSC did not require any alternate preparation. Although i missed out on RBI grade B’s final selectee list by a mere 1 mark, that’s a story for another time. I hardly studied anything for ssc. Went thru RS Aggarwal in a week and signed up for a total of fivr mock tests at Paramount. They went smoothly and i figured in the top 200 in the last mock, so i was pretty confident of doing well. For advancr maths i practised previous year papers from Kiran since my concepts have been fairly clear and i did not need to start from scratch. English is my forte, i dint study a single word for it. Just the mocks got me the hang of pattern and i was good to go. Studying GK is a waste of time since it is so vast that the time given to it and the value derived are far asymmetrical and not worth it. So i gave it a miss as well. Reasoning is a walk in the park. Just did a couple of previous year papers, and it seemed enough. Tier 1 was on 19.10.14 morning sadly. As luck wud have it, most of the GK tukkeys proved wrong. Maths was scary, scored only 22 in that. English and Reasoning saved the day. With around 40 each in both th sections, i managed a somewhat respectable 114 which gave me an opening provided i did well in mains. For the first time i took leave from office and prepared for mains. I took a 30 day break and mostly studied maths during this while. I relied only on 3 books for mains prep. Paramount’s sample papers for practice, Rajesh Verma for Maths(since RS Aggarwal doesnt cover advance Maths), and Arihant Sample papers for English Active Passive and Direct Indirect questions. Believe me if ur basics are clear, u dont need anything else. I made a diary in which i noted all the maths formulae and shortcuts that i came across during the course of preparation. I suggest everyone to jot down all the maths formulae at one place. It comes in really handy at the time of revision. That’s it. It was time for Mains and i had to score really well to entertain hopes for an interview berth. I was lagging far behind at somewhere close to 16000 rank before mains. I scored well in mains. The month long break worked. I got 174 in Maths and 164 in english taking my total score to 452 and my rank to close to 2000 from 16000. I was happy but not satisfied. Interviews were still to go and i was targetting 60 at least. Again i took 15 days’ leave from my job. I went through PDs, newspaper and whatever recent important news was there to be absorbed. Sscnaukari’s recent important news capsule was great for interview preparation. Being in a banking job, i had to expect questions from the same and i mugged up N.S. Toor to the best of my abilities in the short time that i had. Interview came. There were 4 panelists, lets call them A,B,C,D for convenience.
A: What are negotiable instruments?
Me: Bill of exchange, Promissory Notes, Cheques etc. Transferable from one person to another.
A: Very good. What is the difference between sales and marketing?
Me: Sir i am not sure but i can give it a shot. I tried but it did not cut slack with him. He wasnt satisfied.
B Asked about NPS, how govt gains from it, what is financial mgmt etc. I answered but not in the most convincing of fashions. C asked about the difference between embassies and high commissions since i had Mea as my first preference. Also he asked about the procedure for handing out loans to new customers since i was handling advances. I answered both. D asked about PPP, Modi’s schemes and Bharat ratna in music. I cud answer only the first two. That was it. A said good, once i was done with it. I guess the confidence and the fluency in english worked for me. I am scoring close to 65 in interviews. I know this bcoz my final rank is around 1300 and MEA cut off for OBC is 515 and the girl who got the last OBC seat in Mea, her rank is 1330 or thereabout. So i must be scoring more than 515, which means around 65 in interview.
PS: I happen to be in OBC category but filled up under UR due to ethical issues with reservation. That girl Monica who is sitting pretty in MEA can thank me later. wink emoticon . I got CSS and i am happy with that for the time being.

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