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So here the story starts.

I started in April 2014 for cgl pre exam. Till then I had no idea about it. But pre got postponed and I got time for  preparations. I come from a place where you have no good coachings for SSC. So I started myself. I prepared and took the exam. 102 aarahe the key se. UR category. My english was horrible. 15 kiye sahi kiye the bas.
And then 2013 result came with whopping 420+ cut off. I thought I was done with SSC hahah. So till Feb 2015, I did nothing but waste my time. In the first week of march result came and was rewarded 101.25 marks. Somehow got through tier1. And we had merely 1 month for tier2. Talked to Arjun. He told me about SP Bakshi book. Ekk cheez ye dimag mein thi ki yaar ya toh padhlo aur jaan laga do ya bane raho loser. March mahine mein puri puri raat jaaga 9-10 hours sitting. Then tier2 happened. Result came. 
Maths: 157/200
English: 163/200
SP Bakshi kind of changed my life. You can say that.
So with 421.25/600, I got Jr Acc in CGA. And in 2015 pre I’m getting 130+ marks. 
Guys I’m not bragging about my scores, I’m just telling you what wonders you can do if you’re ready to work hard.
From 15/50 in tier1 2014 in english to 163/200 in tier2 2014 in english. It was quite a great experience. 
Mantra: There is no escape from reality. Work on what you are weak at. This is the only success mantra.
English se daro mar. Achhe se padhai karo. kya pata English tumse darne baithi ho wink emoticon wink emoticon
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