Success Story of Abhishek Singh Makkar(Tier2:-355.5 marks)

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We are sharing with you success story of Abhishek Singh Makkar.Hope You like it.We are thankful to Abhishek Singh Makkar for sharing his preparation tips.You can also share your success story on
So here the story starts.

Story of roll no. 2201504087. 
In tier 1 I scored 97.25 
Post:- Excise inspector
My story:- In CGL 2013 T1 my score was 132 but I couldn’t get interview post because I was took the T2 lighty and scored just 285 marks(my target was around 415). Same happened in 2014 T1 exam, I was barely on this side of cutoff scoring 97.5 just 1.5 marks above cutoff. Most of my friends started doubting me but for me target was clear; 350+ in mains and I started preparing for the exam. Intially to get a grip on basic concepts of Mathematics as it was my forte, NCERT books were very helpful, they provided the must needed thrust. For English I read Paramount English book(which is sufficient to understand the type of questions and rules); my 2 weeks were focused upon building concept and in last two weeks I used to solve 2 Maths and 1 English paper the purpose of paper solving was to find out the grey area, and working on those grey areas helped me alot in scoring 355.5 marks( maths 195.5, english 160), and now my Excise Rank is 545. I’m not saying that SSC is easy but I’m also not saying that it is difficult. All you need is to focus on basics and improving grey area. 
**While doing NCERT try to understand the theory of each and every chapter no matter how easy that chapter is. 

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