Strategy for CGL Tier II by Adamant Sagar(ITI CGL14 )

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We are sharing with you preparation tips by Adamant Sagar(ITI CGL14).Hope you like his efforts.
As all of u know that Ssc tier 2 contents two papers viz. Mathematics of 200 marks(100 questions) and English of 200 marks(200 questions).. the time for each paper will be of 2 hours.. I had started my preparation of Ssc from scratch due to the fact that I am a village
guy and i have prepared for Ssc cgl from my home village only without taking any coaching because such facilities are not available here in my village. I am saying this to motivate those aspirants who are preparing for tier 2 exam by their own without taking any coaching and are scared whether they will be able to clear Tier 2 or not. I wanna say to all the aspirants “Yes,you can. Dont underestimate yourself. Just give your best and everything will be on the right track. There is no substitution of hard work. So, decide that u have to clear the exam and you will definitely clear it.” 
Preparation of Mathematics for Tier 2- 
Lot of students will suggest you to read NCERT books or RD sharma book from class 6 to 10 to clear your concepts. I had also got the same suggestion in the initial point of my preparation and I adopted the same. But after 1 month or so, I realised that reading and solving NCERT or RD sharma books by own is taking lot of time. Also there are lot of irrelevant questions which is of no use from the point of view of preparation of SSC. And then I put aside those books. I am not saying that NCERT Books are not good. They are awesome books but they are made for academic purpose instead of Ssc preparation purpose. They are good for building concept but you find irrelevant things in them which will just waste your precious time. You just have 1 month or so for tier 2, so it’s better to read some good books which is concise and will help you in cracking tier 2 exam.
If your concept is not clear in arithmetic portion of mathematics or you are stuck in some arithmetic questions then I will strongly suggest you to read “अंकगणित(वस्तुनिष्ठ)(प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं के लिए,पूर्ण विवरण सहित) by Mahesh Mishra”. I assure you that it will help you to master arithmetic section of SSC in few days. The book will help you in clearing arithmetic part of Ssc very easily. One of the main features of this book is that the concept given in the beginning of each chapter is very concise. The excercises given at the end of the chapter is awesome. You will find variety of questions there. Also explanation of the solution of each question given in the chapter is given very clearly. So I will also suggest to those aspirants whose concept is clear to please solve the excercise. It will help you alot. You dont have to read all the chapeters. Just read Chapter 1, Chapter 4 to Chapter 14 and Chapter 16 to Chapter 23.
The only problem with this book is that it comes in hindi only. But i will also recommend this book to english medium students. Just complete it.But if one is not comfortable in hindi then I will strongly suggest those aspirants to read “Quantum Cat by Sarvesh Kumar Verma”. What a great book It is.. The concept in this book is also awesome. After reading this book, you will master mathematics of Ssc. But this book is made for Cat exam. So I will suggest to read the concept from this book and solve all the excercise after each concept. Then solve Level 1 only from each chapter. There are Level 1,2,3 in this book. But you just have to solve Level 1 only. This book will definitely help you in scoring decent marks in mathematics.
Now Comes to Advance math.
For advancd mathematics, I consulted Lucent Higher mathematics (Part 2) only. This book is thin and very well written. Read all the theorms from it and solve all the excercise and previous year’s questions given at the end of the chapter. With this book,you can score good marks in advance math portion. I have also heard that Kiran advance math is also good. But I have never consulted to kiran book. But if you are reading Kiran advance math or platform advance math then no need to buy Lucent Higher math. Because Kiran advance math and platform advance math is also good for scoring good marks in advance mathematics portion. 
Practising sets daily is the key to success in Ssc. Do practise 1 set daily of mathematics. And after completing the set, do analyze it that means to see in which questions you are finding difficulties in then write those questions in a different note book with complete solution. Also see which questions are taking time. Then try to clear the concept of those questions. Practising sets will help you to check your speed,accuracy and time. Time is the essential thing to clear any exam. Because one has to solve paper in the exam in the given time frame. If you can solve every questions of the exam but not within given time frame,then it is of no use. So do manage time in exam. 
For practising set, you can buy sets of paramount or you can join their test series. But if you dont have access to paramount sets then solve sets from platform or Kiran practice sets. 
Also complete all the previous advance mathematics questions asked so far. Because I have seen that ssc used to ask previous questions of advance mathematics with meagre twist .
Preparation of English paper-
Aspirants from Hindi or vernacular medium students are always scared of this paper. They always feel that they cant get good marks. It is just a myth that vernacular/hindi medium students cant get good marks. I want to give my example to motivate vernacular medium students. As i said earlier I am from a small village of Jharkhand. So there are not any english medium school here. I completed my matriculation,Intermediate and even graduation in hindi medium. But being a hindi medium student has never become an obstacle of mine in getting good score in english paper. My past tiet 2 english paper score are 157(SSC 2013 Cancelled exam),151(SSC 2013 Reexam) and 168(SSC 2014 Tier 2 exam). It’s not very good marks but these marks are enough to get a decent post of SSC Cgl. I stated my marks to boost hindi medium students’ confidence. Just believe in yourself. Anybody can score good marks in english irrespective of the medium he studied till graduation. But for improving english,one will have to be consistent in it. Perseverance is must if you really want to improve your english and to score good marks in this paper.
For improving english, I will strongly recommend to start reading English newspaper from today itself. You will have to read english newspaper daily for 1 hour. Daily means daily. From monday to sunday .every day… No excuses in this part. Initially you will find difficulties in reading newspaper. May be you will not understand it. That doesnt matter in initial stage. You just have to read newspaper loudly. “Jor jor se padhna hai”. Try to understand whatever you can..(jitna samajh sakte ho,samajhne ki kosis karo). Gradually you will see that you are understanding the contents given in the newspaper. Aisha mat soch lena ki 6-7 din padha,improve nahi ho raha.. It takes time. Within 1 month or so, you will see the changes. You will see that your english is improving drastically. So reading english newspaper is must. English paper of tier 2 is very scoring. If you see and analyze Previous papers,you will see that 10 to 15 questions are asked from idioms phrases,20 to 25 questions are asked from active passive,25 question are asked from narration,10 to 15 question are asked from one word substitution and 10 to 15 questions from common errors.
About 80 to 90 questions are asked from these section. And with the help of little effort, you can easily score 90 to 100% in these sections. 
Remaining sections are close test,para jumble, comprehension and sentence improvement. These remaining sections are also scoring one. But for scoring in these remaining section,you will have to understand english. You will have to increase your comprehension power of given passage. Reading english newspaper continiously will help you in getting decent marks in these remaining section. So tier 2 english paper is scoring one.
Now comes to book for english.. Buy “Ssc english by M.B. Books publication”.. This book is must. First read all the grammar section of this book.. 30 page ka hi hai grammar section..But that 30 pages will boost your marks for sure. After comleting grammar section, complete all One Word Substitution and Idioms Phrases given in this book. After completing these sections, start solving previous 116 papers given in this book. Complete atleast 2 sets daily from this book. After solving paper,analyze it fully. Dekho common error mai kya error tha,wo error kyu tha..sentence improvement mai kis particular section ko improve kiya gaya..uska answer se reason word substitution,idioms phrases sab yaad karo short analyze set thoroughly..also learn by rote all the words with their meaning given at the end of each set.. with the help of this book,you will definitely score decent marks in english. For narration and active passive, purchase “How to solve” written by Ajay Kumar Singh of M.B. Books publication. It is a very thin book. With the help of this book, you can score 100% marks in active passive and narration section. Along with these 2 books,Purchase “Objective English” by Sp Bakshi(Arihant Publication) and complete all the one word substitution and idioms phrases given in this book. Also if u dont get “How to solve ” book from book store then You can read Active passive and Narration from Objective English by SP Bakshi.
For commor error and sentence improvement, I will strongly recommend to read “A mirror of common error” by Ashok Kumar Singh. Read all the concepts and practice atleast 60 sets of common error and sentence improvement from this book. 
After doing whatever I said above will definitely help you in getting 150+ marks in english and even more.
There is no substitution of hard work. Never give any excuse to yourself ,”hamara luck kharab hai” We make our luck. If you labour hard in right direction then luck will be in your side.So labour hard and give your best.
Good Luck.

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