SSC CGL Preparation tips by Siddharth Bhardwaj

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We are sharing with youCGL Preparation tips Siddharth Bhardwaj.Hope You like it.You can also share your preparation tips and strategy on
So here the tips starts. 
Many friends have asked the preparation strategy n sources used by me. Here they are:
1)Preparation time = 3 months
2)Sources: a) Maths: Ncert(8,9,10) ; Rajesh verma ; Kiran previous papers

b)Eng: S P bakshi; kiran previous papers
c)GK: Lucent GK
d) Reasoning: Kiran previos papers
3)Strategy: SSC = Maths + English (roughly).
Maths (200+ 50 =250) and English (200 + 50 = 250) constitute more than 70 % of total marks. First strengthen ur basics. For maths, basic concepts should be learnt using ncert ( 7th to 10th). It should not take more than 10 days. Though it varies fom person to person. Then practice Rajesh verma. It will take around 1 month. I didn’t have to work much on English. If ur command over basic grammar is not good first read “English is easy ” of BSC publication. It will take 1 month. I skipped this step as i had read this years ago. Now practice S P Bakshi. it will take 1 month. For Reasoning, kiran previous papers suffice. it takes 10 – 15 days. For GK i didn’t do any thing specifically as i m preparing 4 civil services. But my advice would be that if u are not preparing for upsc/psc etc then don’t go that deep and dont use many sources. GK Lucent (Science is most imp followed by history , geography, n polity. skip economy.) will do. For basic economics, u can read macroeconomics of NCERT 12th.
1 months before exam, Practice a few sets of every section (Maths, eng etc) by Kiran.
Maths = 1-2 month
English = 1-2 month
GK = 10-15 days
Reasoning= 10-15 days
Kiran set practice = 1 month
Total = 3-6 months.
For Tier 2 Maths Preparation:
Now u have at least 2-3 months before tier 2. I suggest 3-step preparation strategy.
Stage 1 (Basics): Read n practise basic books. NCERT 7-10 can be used. Make sure u have understood the concepts (n not just learnt the working methods).
2) Exam Bias: practise a book that is exam oriented. I suggest Rajesh Verma.
3) Finishing Touch: Practise previous papers of tier 2 Maths. Use kiran publications.

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