Some myths(झूठी बात) regarding SSC CGL Exam(Especially for SSC CGL 2016 Aspirants) by Adamant Sagar

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We are sharing with you Some myths(झूठी बात) and their clarification regarding SSC CGL Exam(Especially for SSC CGL 2016 Aspirants) by Adamant Sagar. Hope you like his efforts
1. One can’t clear the exam without coaching-
It’s ridiculous if one is saying so.. Coaching just give you guidance.. But if you are little bit sincere for your studies,then no need of coaching..but If u really feel that you cant clear the exam without coaching and your basic is very weak then join a coaching but dont go with the name of the coaching. Choose coaching after talking to the students who are there in the coaching and also seniors who are selected..

2. One can’t clear SSC CGL in his first attempt if he is from non math background and also a hindi/vernacular medium student-
Aisha kuch nahi hai..just study with full dedication and labour hard on the right direction. There are lot of guys out there who cleared the exam in his first attempt.
3. To crack SSC CGL,one will have to burn midnight oil or will have to read atleast 10 hours-
Nothing is like this..just 5 to 6 hours of sincere study will get you through the exam..I have never studied after 10 pm at night.. Because my sleeping time is 10 pm wink emoticon But I used to devote 5 to
6 hours in the morning and noon. I am not saying that dont study at according to your convenience.If u feel comfortable reading in the morning then study in the morning but if u love burning midnight oil than do that..but just emphasise on quality of study,not in study hours.
4. One who is weak in english specially hindi/vernacular medium students,can’t improve their english and hence can’t clear the exam-
It is a very big myth. Listen guys,there is nothing a person can’t acheive in his life. Just keep believe in yourself. One just need to devote more and more time in the section which are weak. Constant effort and perseverance will help u master any subject whether it is math or english.My english was also weak due to the fact that I am a hindi medium student. But I never lose hope and made some genuine effort which helped me to score good marks in this section.
5. One can’t clear the exam due to very high cut off after tier 2-
Ya,cutoff has increased drastically after Cgl 2013. But if you labour hard in the right direction,u will definitely clear the exam. See I always emphasise on “labour in right direction.” It is so because If one labour very hard but without knowing the syllabus and without seeing the types of questions asked in the exam,then it will not help him alot.. Labour in right direction is must..
When I had started my SSC CGL 2013 preparation, I was very scared. No one was there to guide me. Mujhe lagta tha ki mai tier 1 mai 85 v score kr paunga ya nahi.. and U know, I had just scored 92.5 in tier 1 in SSC CGL 2013(Cancelled) and was only eligible for tax assistant. But I was so happy that I scored 92.5marks. At that time that was my biggest achievement wink emoticon When one seniour bhaiya told me that he had scored 110 marks. I was shocked that how one can score such huge marks.He was like a hero for me at that time and I made him my motivation and determined that somehow I have to score more than him. After that I toiled hard and scored very decent marks in tier 1.
I am saying so to show all of you guys that nothing is impossible. Everything is possible.Yeah,It takes time. But if you are doing constant effort with full enthusiasm, you can master everything. smile emoticon
6. Only engineering students,Bankers and Mba students can clear the exam-
It’s just ridiculous. I just know one thing anybody can clear the exam who are sincere for studies and giving genuine efforts to achieve his goal. No matter whether he belongs to village or town or from hindi medium or english medium or an arts graduate. What really matters is his dedication and strong desire to achieve something.
Guys,these are just myths. Never believe in such things. Just believe in yourself. Haan aisha ho sakta hai ki apka abhi level kafi niche ho..apka basic kafi kamjor ho..Apko english ya Math samajh mai na aata ho.. But It doesn’t mean that you can’t strong your weak subjects . You can.. But for that u will have to keep a strong believe in yourself that whatever hurdle come on your way to success,you will face it. You will not try to escape from it. You will have to labour hard to combat your weak sections. 
And believe me, you will achieve your target. God is not partial. He has given every human being the same power and opportunity to achieve anything in life. But successful persons are those who realise their power and make genuine efforts to achieve their dream. Escaping from your weak point is not the solution. It will just worse your life.
And one thing more.. Never think to commit anything wrong.. people start thinking to do suicide when they can’t clear the exam.. It’s not the solution.. It is also like escaping from hurdles which come on your way… never think of doing such thing. I know guys that aplog ke upper family ka kafi pressure hoga..bahut sare log apko comment krte honge ki apse kuch nahi ho sakta..apke friends log apka majak udate honge.. jis karan ap suicide karne jaise galat bat soch rahe honge.. but apko pata hai agar ap aisha kuch karenge to apke family ko kitna hurt hoga..log kahenge ki life mai wo kuch nahi kar skta tha isliye suicide kar liya..uske bad v apka log majak hi udayenge.. So guys if you really want to shut their mouth forever then give your best.. jitna mehnat kar sakte ho,usse aur jyada karo..bus dimag mai yahi bat rakho ki I have to achieve my target and I will… U will see miracle ..You will achieve your target.. kyunki sabke life mai aisha moment aata hai..log majak udate hai..aas paas ke log dekh kar haste hai.. but jo successful hote hai wo dusro ki bato par dhyan nahi dete.. wo bus effort krte hai kuch achieve krne ka aur wo achieve kar v lete hai..
Lekin agar apka government exam clear nahi ho paya aur age khatm ho gaya exam dene ka to dukhi nahi ho..government job hi sab kuch nahi hota..ap private job karke v niche se kafi upper ja sakte hai..aur logo ko dikha sakte hai apni kabiliyat..isliye kabhi v negative bat dimag mai na laye.. aur mehnat kare..safalta jarur milegi smile emoticon 
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