Some Motivation tips for SSC CGL Tier-II by Sagar(ITI 2014)

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you some motivation tips by Adamant Sagar.Hope you like his efforts.
So here the tips starts.
This post is for all Ssc aspirants specially for those who are going to appear in tier 2 of Ssc this year…

Hello guys..As all of u know that tier 2 of Ssc is going to be held in October.. so u have one month or so.. so if any of u has not started the preparation of tier 2 and waiting for the result,just start your preparation asap.. if anyone is thinking to start their tier 2 preparation now but feeling frustrated whether they will be able to prepare for tier 2 in this short period or not..then listen to me..u have the capacity and capabilities to do miracles in life..our mind is very diverse and unique..if u think that u have to crack the tier 2 exam anyhow this time,your subconscious mind will start working on it and u will be amazed by the results of your firm determination..So start preparing for tier 2 asap with full dedication… I personally know a guy who has cleared tier 1 three times continuously but was not able to clear tier 2.. he used to be very frustrated and i can feel his pain..he used to say that he can’t clear tier 2..this negative thinking is ruling over his mind..but after spending time with him , I realized that he is very good in arithmetic..he can solve the questions without pen and paper..but I do realise that he is weak in geometry section..that is his weak point.. but the problem is that he doesn’t make efforts to improve this section.. he always used to escape it.He is from hindi medium.So his English is weak..but he never try to make effort to improve this section.. I always used to tell him to please read newspaper daily and try to understand and grasp the meaning..But he never make such an effort .. I am saying this all to suggest u all to not to escape from your weak section.. Escaping is not the solution.. ultimately it will lead to failure.. u will have to work over your weak section.. may be initially u will find difficulties.. and it may be possible that negative thoughts will start taking their seat in your mind..but never let the negative thoughts capture u..just think about the positive side..think that this is crucial time to make efforts.. after someday u will realise that u r gaining command over your weak section..I am also from hindi medium..during my preparation time, i used to become very sad.. my English was also weak..but I always used to make effort without thinking about the past..and it helped me to score decent marks in English.. so it’s my request to all that please dont loose hope..don’t brood over past.. one thing more..I have seen people becoming jealous when any other students of their locality get success in any competitive exam..dont be jealous.. jealousy and fear drain much of the power of your don’t be jealous.. feel happy for them with a firm determination that u will also crack the exam and come with flying colours..just keep this in mind ,”when he can clear the exam,then I can also clear the exam”.. because God doesn’t do partiality.. he has given equal power to all his sons..but what makes a man successful is his firm determination and perseverance towards his goal.. so please be positive.. start working on your weak areas.. make genuine efforts.don’t make excuses that “hum to itna padhte hai but hamara nahi hota selection”..this excuse will jUST console u for a moment..but such excuse breaks your positivity and determination.. So take a firm step to achieve your target.. dont fret over your past defeat..just give your best with positive mind set.. and always remember these words,”God help those who help themselves”..

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