SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 142

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you our last interview experience of SSC CGL 2014
My interview experience—ssc nr…35 mints


C reading biodata…

Ooo in such a young age ur hobby is meditation??what is meditation??

Telling…how will u tell a lay man the procedure of meditation..told..why do u do meditation…was telling whole story type..he interrupted n asked u tell me..why u do meditation..I said to relieve stress….


What is saarc many countries??..was telling ..forgot Maldives…

U were an organizer in ur colg fest…wat was ur work..told..

Scholarships kahan se mili…

How did u get scholarships…told from which companies got scholarship…

Ok..tell me what ol countries pm visited with n last 1.5 months…started telling..interrupted in n asked ok..there was a country most imp to us which he visited 1month bfre..I said Bangladesh ..he said it was imp..I said lba..he asked wat it is..I explained…

Hu is the prez of Bangladesh..


Wit wich country it was before


Hu is the father of shiekh hasina?

Sorry sir..I don’t knw..

Wat is ur first preference?



I said-sir very honestly my marks are low in written ..n bfr filling pref I saw last year cut offs it was css had one of the lowest cut offs..moreover its a Delhi job..

He consulted with one m ..rly??css low cut off?? m said yes..css goes low…

He smiled a bit looking at me..n then looked at mam n smiled…

Ok tell me…wat is ol going on between Delhi cm n central govt…

I said sir demand fr full statehood for Delhi..he said wat r ur vws..I said sir in terms of accountability yes ..yes someone shud take responsibility of increasing per capita crime in statehood is one of the possible solution…he said but we also have to see dat Delhi is capital of India…this also other side of argument.. I said yes sir I resonate with ur argument…bt still sir wen it comes to accountability there is just a blame game…wen two opposite views administer a single state..

He said…hmm…ok..

M1—what are electrons


Electrons kiske part hote hn


U have very good marks in academics 92..88..84…u want to become a BAABU IN MINISTRY??

I said sir I wanted a govt job always..

U got placement??where is ur colg in Delhi??

I said sir I got placed in Accenture ….

He said o godd…he looked at chairman..chairman asked me…why ??Accenture is a good company?? Why so much diversion to a govt job??

I said sir I am from a family where everyone is living outside India..I look surroundings dere n here…I feel if I can be a part of system n bring a small change to it….

M1–okk wat is the difference between electrical n electronics


M1- what r semiconductors


M1-how electricity produced


M2- wat is ur career objective…

I told honestly.. Sir I want to join Indian administrative services…

Chairman asked…u gave upsc??

Sir I gave in 2013..failed in mains…

He said okk..

M2-what is land acquisition?




M2-minimum support price


Which organization does this..(by that time my mind stopped working..I didnt came into my mind)

I said sorry sir…

He said..ok..u know for wat red corridor is famous for..I said Naxalism…

He asked wat they want…idhar bi thode views pooche…

Ok…thanku…u can go…

….I was leaving…my pen fell down ..c said ur pen i guess..i picked it up…n was aboit to open door..chairman stopped me…n said but its my advice to u….u have such good marks..gud in academics…u can do very well there ..I said sir hard work is my forte…will work hard wherever I go…den m1 IES diya h apne…I said no sir…

Ok ok…u can leave

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