SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 87

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Vikram 

4 july ssc nwr
Q1 why civil after from cse..?
Q2 diff b/w sinosodial and the other signal wave.?
With diagram
Q3 brics??
Q4 EU?
Q5 grid computing?
Q6 gates…basic and universal with truth table??
Q7 on which basic computer runs??
Q8 cloud computing and storage..??
Q9 digital india with example?
Q10 dbtl pahal?
Q11 how your cse knwledge will be useful in civil sector?
Q12 Doveloping countries with exa.?
Q13 conversion from analog to digital?? Process batao..??
Q14 modiji ab kahan k tour pe hain??
Q15 Work of cag??
Q16 digital locker??
Q17 capital of hydrabad telangana now and after 10 years and captial of two other common states..??
Q18 symbol bna k pucha tha ye konsa gate hai aur is same symbol ko aur kya kehte hain ya kis liye use karte hai..??
Ques on triangle..??
Q19 working of rbi and its functions??
2-4 ques aur reh gaye honge sayad…par abhi yaad nahi aa rahe…yaad aaye to batata hu..baaki no ques from 6 certificates jo ki maine lagaye the…aur hobby…kuch bhi nahi…ok you can go…thanks..

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