SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 140

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Dushyant Singh Parmar

My Interview Experience
First of all heartfelt thanks to all the group admins and members and special thanks to Shantanu Mishra for introducing me in this unique and unparalleled group where people help without personal interests, which is rare these days

Thus goes the tale
SSCNR Graduation BE IT Selected for Stats
documentation and etc. done by 10.30 at the 8th floor clerk accompanied to 4th floor where interview would take place
Panel A Srl No 1 room No 410 C
the bell rang and i said Shree Radhe
I found three panel members chairman a lady and a male member
laughing among themselves over some matter
Me —- May I come in
Chaiman —-aao beta please sit
the language was mostly hindi
Chairman was very warm in the whole tale, may he be blessed for that
Chaiman——Chalo kuch general puchhte hain isse,, beta ye dilli ki govt or LG main kya ghamasaan hai (told many things that I dont remember) to aisa kyun hai
Me(Mann main khus hua or fir shree radhe )—-Sir ye situation partly constitutionlal ambiguity hai or partially political scoring hai (told many things about delhi’s special status and wrt other states)
he was satisfied but not over
Chaiman —-Suppose aapko oneman commitee bana du hypothetically to kya solution
Me(socha ki ye bina political view liye nahi chhodega)—-Sir personally I think delhi being the seat of Union Government cannot be fully free of the influence of the GOI and therfore if I were in power I would recommend a superior role to the Union for example hamari cetral govt ne ek treaty kari saarc nations ke satth University banane ke liye par agar land nahi deti state govt to ek absurd situation ho gayegi and also state level ki authorities agr union level ke officers ko deal karengi to bhi absurd ho jayegi
Chaiman—-What is SAARC
Me(Lo Karlo Baat)— bata dia achhe se
Chaiman— Bhai ye batao ki India Pak ke PM haath mila lete hai or balle balle karte hai or baad main attack hota hai or ye always hota hai kyun??
Me (Ye bhi koi baat hai)— Sir Pak main multiple actors hain or India ke respect main Porkistaani Army hi decision leti hai issliye Miya Nawaz to bahadur Shah Jafar type hai
Chairman—- okokokokok refers to other members
Lady strict thi par has bhi rahi thi
Lady—aap ne statisticle nahi padha par I am bound to ask the question from it
bataiye aapne kya kya padha 10 and 12 main
Me(Sankat se Hanuman Bachhave)— Madam—-I—–a— studied mean median mode
Lady—Or kuchhh——
Me(yaar ye bhi koi baat hai)— Mam Correletion Regression anddddddd aaaa
Lady —- Probablity ka naam suna hai
Me(Bhoot Pichach Nikat Nahi Aave Mahabir Jab Naam Sunave)— Yes maam I forgot ,,,,, then described with an exaple of a dice
Lady —— whats the difference between correlation and regression
Me(Ye duniya moh maya hai )— vaguely described correlation but nothing beyond
Me(well I konw the answer to this)—–Sorry mam ,,,, with a horrible face
Lady—- What is regression
Me(Once bitten twice shy)—- Sorry Mam
reffered to the male Member
M1—-what is the difference between Fundamental Rights and DPRPs
Me(Every dark night must end in morning)—-sir FRs enforceable against the state and DPRPs——-
M1 where are they enforced
Me(Ye to hona hi tha )—–Sir in the Supreme Court and High Courts
M1 —-Under which articles
Me(Khusi ne hamari hame maar dala)—-Sir under Supreme Court Art 32 and
High Court under 22____???? I forgot
and by writs
M1—List all writs
Me (group join kiya hai mane aapko na pata)—-listed 4 forgot the fifth habeous corpous
M1—List all FRs
Me(Ab to baat izzat pe aagi)— listed four forgot two most important eqality and one more he pointed it
Chirman looked at othes and said OK you can leave
Me(oye number de dio varna—————–aglibaar nahi aunga)— Thanku Thanku Thanku
So ye rahi hamari Raam Kahani Kripya Apne hisab se marks predict kare

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