SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 89

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Ranjit Yadav
Delhi 3males 1female
Some qustions-
Which came first electrical or electronics?
Faraday’s law?

How magnetism is associated with electronics?
Range of microwaves?
Diffrnce btween cdma and tdma?
And a hard shot- are u a good engineer??
Mba qustions-
Market mix?
Modi’s marketing strategy?
Role of japan in modern operation?
Product life cycle?
Again a hard hit – you enjoyed which degree mba or engineering and how?
Job related qus-
Was ur company imparting there in CSR?
ur company’s turnover?
My function in my company?
General questions-
Haryana rajyasabha seats (how many)?
1st governer of haryana
Modi’s last visit in which country?
Name the sikh gurus?
Last mughal emperor?
Rivers of haryana?
Broadcast and information minister?
From hobbies-
Mine was cricket
Bangladesh ne 2-1 se series haari, uss dauran bangladesh k ek bowler ne debut kiya, name him.
How many test playing teams?
Captain of indian women cricket team?
One strange qustion they asked me in the end- what was your score in interview in ssc cgle 2013? And what score u are expecting this time??
Some other bullets (qustions) i am not remembering this time!!
They f**ked me like nigro for 18-20 mins, really pissed off frown emoticon
Hell happened to me, dont knw wot they eaten there in brkfast!

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