SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 96

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you interview experience of SSC CGL 2014
First of all I would like to thank you for creating such a wonderful group where any newbie can get plenty of information regarding various SSC posts and it provides a platform where everyone can share and learn from others. It is an excellent initiative by you.

As I have been constantly browsing through your site and I have read more than 80 interviews of this year and 50+ interviews of CGL 2013; so its my moral responsibility to spend some time writing  my experience too.
First of all, I would request you to kindly put this interview in anonymous category.
My Profile:

10th CBSE 86.2%

12th CBSE 81.6%
B.E (CGPA 9.18 equivalent to 84.3%)

Work Experience:

26 months at a well known MNC in Bangalore as a System Software Engineer

Quit Job to prepare for various govt service exam. Doing same from past 1.5 year.

Social activity: Continuous Blood Donor from College life
Extracurricular Achievement: AIR 32 in National Level Science Talent Search Examination

Won special award and recognition at work place for excellent delivery of code well ahead of deadline

Won first prize at School in Table Tennis Tournament

Extra Curricular: Playing Table Tennis, Internet Surfing, Playing Android Games
Any relevant info : Have been group captain & class leader at school. Collected donation by going door to door during Gujarat Earthquake 2001. At College organized tech fest. Cracked SSB Interview of IAF under 79 AEC/ 51 SSC entry at AFSB2 Mysore. Part of Fun Team at Work Place & organized several outdoor activities for my team.
Date/ Venue of Interview : 08.07.2015 IMRT School Of Management , Lucknow

Board VII 

Last person to be called for interview in the panel.

Just opened the door slowly and asked the permission ” May I come in Sir”

After that slowly closed the door, went and stood behind the chair; wished Good Morning Mam, Good Morning Sirs.

Asked to sit down. Sat on the chair and kept my file on my legs.
Chairman told me ” aaram se baitho , file ko table pe rakh sakte hain.”
Me: Thank You Sir.
C: kya naam hai tumhara?
me: Sir my name is x.
C: aap kis language mei comfortable ho interview dene ke lie.
me: Sir I am comfortable with both the languages either Hindi or English.
C: ok toh Hindi mei le ya English mei.
Me: Sir take in English only as my medium of instruction has been English.
C: Ok fine Mr X. What we are going to do here is we are going to ask certain questions to you. If you know the answer then proceed otherwise just say no and we will proceed to the next. Is it ok?
Me: Yes Sir.

Suddenly M1 pitches in and starts firing technical round:
M1: What is AI?

Me: Sir it stands for artificial intelligence. It is one of the prime features of 5th generation of computers where computer are able to take decision in real time environment and are able to perform human tasks. For example we have aeroplanes which could fly in autopilot mode. In mobiles we have voice recognition softwares and they respond to our query.

M1. Nodding his head ” OK so how its going to be helpful ?
Me: Sir actually in the coming future most of the monotonous works , several tasks will be done using AI and we would not require any sitting operator to perform those tasks. It would directly serve users directly based on their inputs..

M1: interrupting… what is its disadvantages?”

Me: Sir AI is programmed assuming certain inputs and suppose the system is not robust enough and their is a bug or loophole in the system for certain exceptional cases then it could result into a disaster. Assume aeroplane auto pilot mode. In normal weather and favourable condition it will work fine but if the weather is cloudy and bad in that case its better that we manually fly the plane because it may not have been programmed for all those condition. In medical field also it can be fatal….

M1: OK fine.. What is multimedia devices.
Me: Sir devices like tablet smartphones etc which can be used to get information through internet are called multimedia devices. (I should have mentioned about other devices too I only discussed about digital media that too I left TV, Computers, laptop..)
M1. What is switching theory?
Me: Sir in computer networks I have learnt about switches and routers but I don’t know exactly about switching theory?

M2: What is GDP of India?

Me: Sir its around 1.1 crore crore rupees.

( its actually close to 1.2 crore crore rupees)
M2: What is the share of agriculture in GDP.
Me: Sir agriculture has a share of 13.1% bit if we add the allied sectors it is 18.3%.
M2: 18.3 is it you said?
Me: Yes Sir if we include agriculture and allied sectors.
M2: What is the GDP growth rate of India?
Me: Sir I don’t remember exactly but its around 7% ( in last quarter it was 7.5% though)
M2: What is the rate of inflation.
Me: Sir I don’t know exact figures but if I have to guess Its around 8% ( this was the biggest blunder of this interview. This rate was 1-2 year back. From past 6 months as petrol prices has come down so has inflation. Its around 5-5.5% now. The WPI inflation is in -ve. So guys don’t guess. Just say no if you are not sure)

Madam (L) pitches in asking you have written in your biodata that you want to directly serve the people of India so you left your company

Me: Yes mam

L: and you were working in a nice company with decent salary. Were you not serving the people there by your work?
Me: Actually mam what I mean by that before joining that company only I always wanted to become a govt officer. I had also appeared for IAF SSB interview in final year of my college but unfortunately I could not clear the medical round. I had taken education loan for my studies which I wanted to pay back as soon as possible. So I joined that company just after my college. There I was basically serving clients from US and European nations. & it has always pinched me that I have been born in this country… From past 20-25 years I have been using the resources of this country, benefitted from the freedom our country provides and when the time came to contribute to the development and progress of our country.. my skill is being used to serve some foreign nations people and their development. Definitely while working I was contributing to the GDP of India and I had a good life for myself too but my skills and services were not being used directly for the people of this nation. 
L: How you went to Karnataka so far from Bihar for your studies?
Me: Actually mam after 10+2 I appeared in various engineering examinatioms and among those I was getting best college through COMED-K exam . It stands for Consortium Of Medical Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka. My college was in top 10 private college of India and top 50 if we include IITs and NITs. So chose…
L: ok ok… So as you say you want to serve this country… how you will help to curb corruption ?
Me: Mam corruption is a major issue of this country and we have many laws made to curb it like lokpal act, vigilance commission, whistle blower protection act. Now suppose I become a govt officer and I find something inappropriate or corruption related activity, I will raise my voice. If the issue is serious we can use whistle blower protection act and antonymously tip vigilance agency?
L: Interrupting… So basically you will do whatever in your capacity to curb corruption.
Me: Definitely mam I would like to do that. Even presently I always like to follow rules. Like I always buy railway tickets. For e.g. from my place to Patna the general boggie fair is just Rs 50. If someone goes by bus it may charge Rs 180. But even then no one buys ticket. But I feel that we should buy and I motivate others to do so.

C: what is machine to machine communication?

Me: Sorry Sir I don’t know exactly. ( Such an easy question. Actually this question is all about wired and wireless communication. But He didn’t asked that directly 😛 )

C: what was your final year project?

Me: Sir my project name was work flow management system. it was basically a project developed with the view point of serving various tasks if my college.

C: What was the platform that you used to develop this project?

Me: Sir we used apache web server for this project. The database we used was mysql. The importance of this project was to create a work flow related to any task or activity of our college.. be it booking a seminar hall of our college or any student query to…

C: Interrupting… How many members were in your project?

Me: Sir we were 4 members.

C: what was your role in particular for this project?
Me: Sir my role was basically requirement gathering like which all department in our college is responsible for a particular task , where a request should go! & I was the person responsible for developing database schema and structure using mysql. So the code related to create database table, insert or delete elements in db, query database for certain items was developed by me.

C: what is e commerce?

Me: Sir in general commerce activity or any trade the client or buyer directly meets its seller to purchase any item or perform any transaction. However e commerce is related to use of information technology, computers and smartphones and especially internet to perform any transaction where buyer need not meet the seller directly. The buyer can select various items through options provided on a GUI interface and using internet he can book his item. Ecommerce sites like Amazon , Flipkart etc. are major e commerce websites.

C: what is e governance?

Me: Use of information technology in governance. Basically people can participate and share their opinion and get government services using IT, internet to have faster and transparent delivery of services. Government services can be accessed in digital form.

C: He asked some term which was part of digital India campaign. I don’t remember exactly the term he asked.

Me: Sorry Sir I don’t know regarding this.

C: It is one if item discussed in Digital India? You have not heard of this.
Me: Sorry sir I haven’t heard this term. Although I am well aware of digital India. Should I tell about that?
C: Smiling at me sarcastically (as if he has  got me) …. No need. Its not required..
Paused for a moment…
Thank you. You may go now.
Me: Thank you sir.. Thank you Mam.

Left the chair slowly and opened the door. Slowly closed the door and saw M2 (wearing glasses) & staring at my activity !!!
Door closed and the hard work of last 1.5 months finally ended. Didn’t know how much time I spent inside as I didn’t had watch. My guess is anywhere around 25-30 mins. But I am not sure. You don’t worry about time when you go inside!!!
Suggestions: My planning / strategy was if they ask what you all studied in your engg.. Or from where we should ask you questions??? I had planned to give my strong subjects like.. C Programming, C++ programming, Data structures, DBMS and even Constitution of India ( as it was one of my extra subjects in second sem and I had good command over this area). Well, this plan of mine didn’t worked as they didn’t ask my favourite areas 😛

I had prepared areas like my graduation subjects, basics of Indian Constitution, Modi govt policies and plans of past 1 year, current affairs topics, bilateral treaty of India, basic terminologies of economics and FAQs & laws of physics/chemistry and my biodata. But all that went in vein and my strategy didn’t worked as I had expected. Only my core knowledge and past skills helped here (As they didn’t asked questions from my strong portions for which I was fully prepared) So guys whatever you prepare its not enough. They will keep asking questions until you say I don’t know. Just prepare your graduation subjects well and topics which could arise from your biodata form. After that prepare current affair topics and generic topics like constitution, economics, physics, chemistry,etc.

All the best 🙂
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