SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 138

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Amit Kumar

My interview experience—-
Nr- Batch G( one f and three m including chairman )

The board members were so cordial and helpful.

Entered in the room while the MTS was asking the board members for snacks wink emoticon coz he asked me to accompany him.
Entered in the room wished good morning to all ,but no one noticed unsure emoticon ,chairman asked me to sit.
Than asked me about my sirname.
Ch- vyapam kya hai kyn eskanaam baar baar aata hai (reading newspaper is my hobby )
Me told but couldn’t explain properly how the do cheating in exam …in nervousness.
One or two more thing about vyapam
Than asked mam to start
Convert 12 in binary number gave me paper or it.
.I took some time but wrote the right answer 1100
Assembly language ko machine language me kaise convert karne wale software ko kya kahta hai
Me assembler
Mam- kaun kaunsi progrmming language padhi hai
Me – c, c++, java
Mam- difference between them
Me -told
Mam emails bhejne me kaunsa protocol use hota hai
Mam – kuch confuse so lagi….aur koi protocol ?
Me- took some time and told icmap and pop on receiver side.
Mam – yess…wohi mai puch rhi thi (my confidence raised)
M2 and m3 were busy all the time with their snacks i was trying to make eye contact but they were looking at me rarely.
Nw m2 started
Delhi se tumhare ynha kaunsa national high way jata hai
Me told but said not sure with the answer.
M2 tumhe bahar security ne check kiya woh kaunsi force hai.
Me told
M2 cgo ki full form
Me -nhi pata tongue emoticon
M2 – skill India program kya hai
Me -told
M2- engineering is skilled course ya non skilled
Me – smaj gya ki mere lagne wali hai , told skilled
M2- toh ek skilled ensaan non skilled job me kyn aana chahta hai ??????? tongue emoticon tongue emoticon
Me – smiled a bit….. And about to answer than he interrupted and asked my first preference
Me cbi
M2 -surprised a little why CBI ???
Me-me told that its the most challenging job among all options so I want to join it…
M2 OK be honest and told me why u dont want to go in it sector
Me – took a breath and explained as much clearly as i could with honesty..infact this answer was the most featured answer of the whole interview.
Now it was m3
M3- asked about fatehpur ,a town in my district
Me- told but m3 disagreed and gave the right answer.
I poltiely said ok sir, but I want to add one thing and told other features also.
M3- satisfied a bit.
M3- coromandal cost
Me – told it is in eastern part of India, udisa is the state close to it.
M3- any union territory
Me -no idea
M3- have u heard abut Pondicherry wink emoticon
Me- smiled yes sir it is also on that cost line
M3 smile emoticon how it is different from other UT.
Me -told that Delhi and pondi are the only UT those have vidhansabha
M3 why they have vidhan sabha?
Me no idea sir.
M3 OK last, which foreigners stayed and had their offices in pondi. For a long time
Me -france ,they stayed there even after independence….
M3- interrupted okkokk… smile emoticon
Chairman ok we are done ..u may go now
Me thanked all and left.
M2 asked me have u signed ..I stopped close to gate and said yes sir…he said ok and I said thank u one more time …and left.
Bottom line is- chairman sir ke question ka answer dete waqt thoda nervous tha vvyam me fraud kaise hota hai ye theek theekse xpaln nhi kar paya otherwise…mere marks katege eai ke karan otherwise I was confident.

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