SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 136

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We are sharing with you interview experience of Sanket Dhingra
Interview mein watt laga di…
Sanket Dhingra, B Tech. Electronics n Comm Engg
SSC NR head office Chairman
He asked out of all my jobs ( i have done two private jobs software engineer and bank PO currently) which one is your fav so far. I said PO coz I wanted ques from banking.

Ques: 2 steps to reduce npa
I started explaining how i will start following in present so that any more won’t pile up. He stopped and told me to suggest for past first and stop worrying for present.. I started thinking and from my long silence, he deducted that I don’t know and moved on.
He asked my first preference. I said Central Secretariat Services. Then he asked from my telecom experience. Suppose you get css, DoT and u r given a task to make 3G auction more user friendly for participants and more beneficial for govt. Name 3 steps u will take to do the same.
I said first I will make everything transparent and online. He said it is all online and e commerce these days. I said I will troubleshoot the plans and steps by inviting suggestions online and using crowd sourcing.. Then he said 2nd. I was thinking so he said use all current affairs as help if u want. Then he gave a hint bandwidth. So I said I will put a higher price on most common bandwidth and quoted bandwidth of gsm etc and lower price on less common bandwidth.. He said I want exact bandwidth which is still available for auction and how u will use that. I said sorry sir I don’t know.
Then he asked when signal comes back from satellite what are the things that happen and tell me as an engineer in engg terminology. I started that it is received at the antenna. He said tell me what happens from the point satellite beams it, what does satellite does? I said it amplifies the signal. He said draw a diagram of amplifier. I said sir I dont know the diagram of amplifier but I know it uses Bipolar Junction Transistor and I can draw the diagram of that. He said do it. I drew and marked the components base, emitter, collector. He asked what does it uses. I drew pnp on diagram and explained it consists of p, n, p doped semiconductor sandwiched. Then he asked how u get semiconductor. I said u take silicon or germanium n dope it with impurities. He said which one is used more common and why. I said silicon coz it is more widely available as sand n used after crystallization. He said tell me scientific reason. I said it has pot diff of 0.7 V which is more than germanium n hence more suitable. He said is it potential difference or sth else. I said pot diff sure.
Then he said u said semiconductor conducts then what happens when it reaches superconductor state. I was not sure if semiconductor could reach superconductor so I said I don’t know. Then he stopped bugging me and said I am done.
Then he passed on to the person on my left and his right.
Q. what is Virus
Q how is it diff from virus in our bodies.
Told analogy is same, that one is on computer n this one in body but both disrupts the normal working.
Q Is virus living or non living?
A Living as they are celled organisms and multiply. (On internet, they say scientists are divided as in isolation they are non living but when inside hosts, they multiply as living)
Q how the virus in body multiplies?
A I said using resources from body.
Q He said what resources. Have u heard of host?
A Then I told yes they work as hosts to multiply
Q Diff between virus and bacteria
A I said bacteria can be both good or bad but virus is mostly used contextually in bad or notorious terms.
Q. Now a days there is much abt 3G and 4G. What is the basic diff as a layman?
A I said rudimentary diff is that u will get more speed that’s it.
Q Do I need to have a specific phone for that or can I get in my present smartphone?
A told that u need a new 4G supported phone. Present one can’t be modified to support it. Even if u take the plan and operator supports it, ur smartphone will fall back to 3G if u don’t have 4G support.
Iss bande ko mostly satisfy kar diya maine, I got this feeling.
Now he passed to maam on my right.
Q She said since u r from Maharaja Surajmal college, tell me who was Maharaja Surajmal
A I said he was ruler of Bharatpur in Rajasthan in 17th century.
Q R u sure it was 17th century?
A I said yes. She said no. It was 18th century. I said no it was… (in a polite manner and stopped in between) She started smiling seeing that I am arguing. This was the only blunder I did. It was 18th century. I got confused as I remember year starting with 17.. and quickly said 17th century. Sud have thought it was 18th century.
Q U r from Indraprastha university. Tell me abt this Indraprastha city.
A I said this was an ancient city built by Pandavas. Delhi is built atop this city.
Q Have u heard of Siri Fort?
A I said no. (Suna to tha but I didn’t want any more ques from history so said no. She went into history anyway)
Q She said tell me abt India Gate. When was it built and for what?
A I said 1920s and for memorial of Indian soldiers died in WW1. She said 1920s in a manner of demanding the exact year. I said I know it is 20s but I can’t recall the exact year.
Chairman jumped in and said even before independence. I said yes.
Q She asked there is a Amar Jyoti Deep that keeps lighted inside India Gate. When was it put?
A I don’t know.
She commented that I do not know much abt monuments, I nodded.
Q Who built Qutub Minar?
A I said I don’t know. May be Tughlaqs (I took a guess)
She said No.
Q Name pre-Mughal monuments. Do u know when Mughals reigned?
A I said 15th century. She said it is 16th century. Then I started with Old Fort. Then after some thinking I added Hauz Khas and said Hauz was word for lake. She exclaimed in ackowledgement.
Then she was expecting more. I said these are the two monuments that come to mind.
Q Do you know abt Lutyens area in Delhi.
A I said in a confused manner that I don’t and took a guess at it is further down south.
She started smiling and said no. (I don’t get out much and other than West Delhi, haven’t been to complete Delhi) Main man mein keh rha tha ab to chod do history and Delhi… Kuch bio data se bhi puch lo.
Q Then she asked have u heard abt all the hobbla they created on Delhi’s 100 yrs completion in 2011 as capital.
A I said I heard that Delhi completed 100 years as capital. Before that Calcutta used to be Capital. Then they started dev Delhi and in 100 years, it became a world class city fully dev and population increase etc…
She said leave it you are not getting it.
Q Have u heard abt Pravasi Bharatiya Divas?
A I said not in Hindi, may be in English I might get it.
She said its relevance is in Hindi only and left the topic.
Now all three said you may go. I said thank you and came out. Chairman ke kisi question ka ek baari mein interpretation nhi nikala, use explain karna hi pada, kafi mein sorry bola, 2-3 baar bola it escapes me at the moment, madam to history aur delhi se hi chipki rahi. Madam ke kisi bhi saal aur century ka sahi nahi bola hoga maine. Sirf dusre ek sir ne thoda general pucha. Aur 2-3 question honge which I can’t recall right now.
Kitne mil jayenge iss interview mein? I really need more than passing..

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