SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 81

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Manoj Giri

02-07-2015 ( Thursday ) Northern Region 

Four members in Panel 3 Male, 1 Female.

Duration : 25-27 Min

So, I entered the room wished all of them, they asked to take the seat and it all started.

Chairmen (C): So, you have studied Computer’s in your Bachelor’s what do you know about OR(Operational Research) ?

Me : I told him it the study or rather subject of getting the optimum output, maximum productivity etc. etc.

C: Is OR and Game Theory related ?

Me: ( Given him a diplomatic answer, actually i have heard this name in a movie, so i instead of telling him that i don’t know, tried to beat round the bush to which he said ” Aapne abhi tak nahi bataya, Are they related ) So finally i said they are not related ( Wrong answer).

C: When did this OR started ?

Me: I said since it is the process or study of finding the optimum solution to any given problem it must have been in practice for a long time.

C: No, i want to know exactly when did this term OR came into force ?

Me: I don’t, Sir. ( He answered, During World war’s)

C: Have you heard of the term Seven Sisters ?

Me: Yes sir, all the north-eastern stated barring Sikkim.

C: Why Sikkim is not included in Seven Sisters ?

Me: I don’t know sir, ( Remained Unanswered ).

C : What is Computation ?

Me: Computation is calculation, gave him example of how Processor’s Speed is calculated 1.5GHz is equivalent to 1.5 Gega calculations in one second.

C: You have done your Master’s in Computer Application, how do we use Computer Application in day-to-day life?

Me: I gave him example of how a T.V.’s remote and washing machine’s logic is actually a firmware or a ROM and we use it in day-to-day life.

C: Who is known as the Father of Computer’s?

Me: Charles Babbage, and first computer was ENIAC.

C: Which language do we use in Banking Sector?

Me: FORTRAN, COBOL but added that now-a-days we don’t use any of them since all the banks have their in-house software.

C: Are you aware of any tool used in Statistics ?

Me: MATLAB, but i haven’t used it.

Now, it was the turn of Ma’am(Member 1: M1 she was related to Mathematics stream)

M1: You must have studied Statistical Methodologies in Graduation? Me: I bluntly replied that i don’t know anything about Statistics ( To which she said, Ok should i ask questions from Probability) I replied in affirmative.

M1: what is the probability of getting 5 in a test of Maximum 10 marks?

Me: 1/10 ( if could be 1/11, if we consider 0-10 as the possible outcomes) But i am sure she was satisfied with my answer.

M1: What is the range of Probability?

Me: From 0 to 1 both included.

M1: What is Probability of a sure event?

Me: 1

M1: What is the probability of a unlikely unrelated event?

Me:( Should have said NULL, But said undefined instead ).

M1: Definition of Probability?

Me: Number of favourable outcomes divided by Number of total Possible outcomes.

M1: What is the Probability of this ceiling fan( Pointed fingers ) falling on you?

Me: Depends on many factors, told her about a earthquake will make it a likely event.

M1: What will you do if i say that the Probability of this fan falling on you is 1/2?

Me: I’d rather sit their ( Pointed fingers to the end of the Room)

M1: Said this “You forgot that these are not related events and stuff, i really couldn’t understood what she meant”.

Then she looked at my Bio-data asked that you have been a Assistant Professor in DU so why you wanted to Change your stream, to which i told her about life as an Ad-hoc teacher, stability and stuff. She said since you have research paper on your name and said that you have a research inclination so you should stick to teaching line. In the end, she wasn’t convinced i guess.

Member 3(M3)

M3: Who is the head of state(India)

Me: President

M3: How is he elected?

Me: Through electoralcollege consisting of members of Lok sabha, Rajya sabha, Legislative Assembly and ( to my bad, said Legislative Councils also, he said are you sure, i am not sure i changed my mind or not).

M3: How many states do have Legislative Council?

Me: Six

M3: How could a President be removed?

Me: Through Impeachment.

M3: Who could initiate Impeachment?

Me: Impeachment could be started in any House of parliament.

M3: What is the law through which every law in India emanates?

Me: I was surprised, said Law ( He said, “Yes, Law”) i said sir Constitution ( He said ” Bata rhe ho ya Pooch rhe ho”) i said ” Bata Rha hu,sir”. He nodded his head.

M3: Who is the Prime Minister of India?

Me: Sir, he is the Executive head of the State.

M3: Until when one could be the Prime minister?

Me: Until the dissolution of Lok Sabha ( He said, any other way) I added sir if he loses vote of confidence.

M3: Who’s the Speaker of Lok sabha, Rajya Sabha etc. etc.

Member 4(M4) He asked me about What is Inflation,Planning Commission, Lokpal and Lokayukt, Is their any Lokpal in centre and Lokayukt in Delhi, Is LokPal Bill Passed( All questions asked and answered)

It’s a long long interview but i felt like sharing. Please do comment how do you all find this interview.

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