SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 106

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Parth Dhanda

NWR zone 10.07.2015 8:30 am

After document verification at 10
1st candidate 3 members (M1 chairman0, M2 , W1)
They called Went inside
Greetings n they offered seat
M1 : Ohkkk u have completed graduation from itm college of maharishi dayanand university.
I said yes sir
He pointed towards M2 n said ye sir aap se sawal puchenge
M2: hooks law
Me: replied
M2: out of copper,gold n rubber we stretch them on what factor they depend.
Me: bulk modulus of elasticity
M2: force on which it depend
Me: intermolecular force (he seems unsatisfied)
M2: newtons 1st law of motion
Me: explained
M2:if we drop a ball from above what type of motion
Me: sir linear
M2: how
Me explained s=ut+0.5gt2
Then realised motion will be parabolic
Then said sorry n told them it will be parabolic
Meanwhile chairman left to attend a call.
M2 said now mam will continue now.
Aap newspaper to padhte hoge
5 hindi newspaper k nam batao
Me: told
W1 3 english newspaper
Me told
W1: hindi newspaper me aaj koi mara hai uski khabar hai
Me: mam aaj paper pad nahi paya
W1 ohkkk the tribune ka editor
Me: nahi pata
W1: haryana k imp place
Me replied
W1 haryana ki ladai
Me panipat ki ladai kurukshetra ki ladai
W1 3no ladiyon k bare me batao
Me replied
W1 rte, rti me difference
Me replied
W1 pm ka selection kaise hota hai
Me replied
W1 kitni majority chaiye
Me got confused
W1 ohkkk rajyasabha lok sabha me difference
Me replied
W1 rajya sabha ka election kaise hota hai
Me replied
W1 agar bjp ka mla congress k liye dalna chahe to dal sakte hai
Me mam dal sakte hai par kyon dalega koi
W1 ohkkk nobel prize kise mila hai
Me rabindranath tagore geetanjali k liye
She said science me
Me man me.c v raman ko spectroscopy k liye M2 kya hai spectroscopy
Me sorry sir dont know
M2 sky blue kyo dikhti hai ya ocean blue
Me sir scattering ki wajha se par i guess kuch galat bol diya
W1 peace nobel kise mila hai
Me replied properly
W1 aap is job me kyo aana chate hai
Me replied n convinced them
W1 hobbies kya hai aapki sports me
Me yoga n joggging
W1 ohkkk international yoga day
Me 21 june
W1 how many countries participated
Me more than 180 (i was not sure)
Then they said ohkkk ap ja sakte hai
Chairman joined now.
I said thanks n have nice day
And left
Whole interview maintained good eye contact n good confidence
Hope it will help.
How much should i expect any guess.:):)

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