SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 127

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Blame Karma

Hi guys making my interview transcript, hope it helps u guys

Heya Guys, my interview was on 8/07/2015 Location was delhi, interview duration was about 35 odd minutes, The panel consisted of 2 Sir’s and 1 ma’am. ( Last year interview score 70+ don’t remember exact, will check it and let u guys know)

My turn was in the after noon, i was about the 7th person to go in my group, my interview went the longest as well ( don’t know what does that mean)

Well lets start then shall we? The board was very very cordial , in fact the ma’am reminded me of my teacher in school, so i could easily develop a rapport with her

The attendant outside told us, the board was very cordial ( later he told me ma’am and chairman were retd. IAS)

I knocked on the door and they asked me enter, they told me to have a seat and i sat  Started with a small introduction, i mostly told about my name and where i was from.

Then the chairman asked me what have u been doing for two years after B.Tech I replied sir am preparing for Govt exams

, In between ma’am asked “cleared any?” I told her yes ma’am cleared AFCAT got flying officer in IAF, also cleared CDS for IMA, i also told her got Central Excise in 2013 CGL, and also given interview in other posts waiting for final result, also told her on the mains stage of Assistant in ASRB (100 percentile) Then she looked and asked me about my stint with National School of Drama,

few Drama questions in very basic form,

what is eye contact?

where is Band Pathher?

where is ramleela popular?

Then questions asked about very vague topic, cause she asked me u maintain a daily diary tell me one famous diary? ( My eyes lit up this was my territory, i told Diary of Anne Frank)

Asked me what is it about?( escape from nazi  )

few books of maxim Gorky? ( i was getting slightly panicky so forgot  still ruing it  )

asked me tell me few fiction writers u know? (Eoin colfer, Chistopher Paolini, J.K Rowling)

then the Chairman said why did u leave Air Force, as such few people take it ? ( I explained it was short service question, after 14 years i would have to leave and its been my resolve to serve permanently, and now S.C verdict is that once in Short will always be in short, no transfer to permanent)

HE burst out laughing, and he became very very friendly with me after that, in fact he was enjoying

Then the second sir, asked me tell me what is instrumentation engineering?( told him in detail, told him metro, bio medicines, told him auto pilots, told him even turning on a ac is instrumentation control) then what is control systems?

where is bio medical instrumentation used?

what is Sphygmomano-meter ? (device to measure Blood pressure  i explained in detail  )

asked what is mano in manometer? ( explained the reason cause it is pressure measuring)

Then chairman took over again  what is cabinet secretariat? who controls it? what is its functions? u wrote a few times for Times of India how was it like?

then again second sirs turn,

he asked me what are bio fuels? name the plant from which we get it? ( explained that fuels prepared with complex biological process and there features , told him jathropha curcus)

then he asked me why is it still not tapped? ( explained that the tech is complex so economically still not very viable, lack of companies, and addictions to fuel fuels will not vanish in 1 day will take time) he asked me companies which make bio medical instruments. ( i told him sir frankly i don’t remember)

then asked me non renewable source of energies? ( i told all, i also mentioned that spinning of the earth can also be tapped as energy :), he asked me how, this was my project in college to took great details while explaining  )

what is potentio-meter? uses of it?

then asked me what are fixed does drug combinations? ( another one of my fav. question

asked me who played gandhi in the movie gandhi ( ben kinglsley ) who made it? ( richard attenborough, toooo easy  ) who made titanic? )( smiled told him james cameroon  ) then asked me who is frontier gandhi? ( Khan abdul gaffar khan  )

then again ma’am asked what is jashn e bachpan?

name 5 movements of gandhi? ( i explained champaran satyagraha in big detail, she laughed at me and said i want only names, kheda satya, mill stikes, ncm, CD, Khilafat, rowlatt satya.)

then asked me how was gandhi involved in khilafat issue? (told her in detail inculding how he was made president of all india khilafat conference in Nov 1919, she looked pleased)

then asked me difference between CD and NCM? ( explained in details  )

then the chairman said thank u for the interview you may go

i think,

i did alright, what do u guys think please let me know how much u feel i might get this time? and positive comments always welcome  thank u guys  P.S.- All the best GUys!!

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