SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 112

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Ravi Jaiswal

(Ssc nr diverted ),Lucknow
08/07/15 Btech CSE

Board 5 4 nembers (3 M,1 F)
1- diff btw desktop and laptop? (answered)
2-ur district touches with ? (answered)
3- neapal and india ke border par padne wale town ka naam? (answered)
4-diffrebce between laptops of apple ,sony,lenovo etc?(sir ne hint diya virus ..then answer diya, apple me virus nhi aa sakte)
5- what is cpu? (answered)
6-tell me something about 1st genration computers?( 1-2 line hi bata paya)
7- working? (Sorry sir)
8-what is batch cards?(sorry sir)
(1-2 yaad nhi hai)
1- r u interested in politics (no)
2-name of pm? (answered)
3-pm Before him? (answered)
4-pm before him? (answered)
5-kis party ke hai? (answered)
6-bhajpa ka national head??( sala naam nhi yaad aaya..amit sah .bol diya gujrat se hai)
7-home minister? (answered)
8-education minister? (answered)
9-at the time of independence education minister?(sorrysir)
10- missile man? (answered)
11- aur kya the?? (answered)
12-books written by him??(yaad nhi..2 ya 3 hai..sorry sir)
1- districts touches ur district??( 2 sahi 1 galat bataya)
2-cm of up from purvanchal? (1 ka hi naam bata paya)
3-mp from ur area( pahle galat phir sahi bataya)
4-before him( dont know sorry sir)
(1-2 yaad nhi aa rahe)
1- what is gui?? (answered)
2–operating systems uses gui? (answered)
3-what is vlsi and it is used in?(sala rocket bol dia..tukka maar raha tha)
4-what is ic (Full form hi bataya)
5-working of ic(sorry mam)
6-india’s 1st super computer? (answered)
7-kis country ke collaboration se bana?(sorry mam)
(1-2 nhi yaad aa rahe)
Thanks group admins for ur great effort
@singh bhupi
@Vivan sharma
@Pavan meena
Bhai log kitne mil sakte hai ??
Kuch ques ke answer roud in manner me diye…

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