SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 92

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Prince Dabas
note: i m using METER for my confidence level during the whole description.METER up-confidence level up.
date-06 july 2015

allahabad board-3 serial number-09(thank god bacha liya isne) smile emoticon
marks-450.25 (UR)
Graduation-electronics engg.(75.76%)
sports: 2 national certificates TT,college level certificate in tt and lawn tennis.
4 certis in extra-curricular
experience- 06 monthsin tcs .resigned
social service-21 days social internship in an ngo.
so here is the story:
sm1 told me ki 9:30 se phle kuchh nhi hota. to me bhi 9:30
se phle gaya hi nhi(reporting time 8am).and this is the blunder nobody shud on the reporting time.when i reached everyone has completed his formalities(METER-NEGATIVE) and
believe me they might not have subjective in examination but it is not less than a
subjective(in short u have to fll a lot of things).so started completing my details.
interviews started at 10 am sharp.literally fati padi thi. im just jotting down. somehow managed to complete when serial no.7 was called around 10:30.called for DV(another blunder, lost my preference form(METER IN BERMUDA TRIANGLE), took another one, dont know wat i filled after examiner, po and iti).
somehow DV was done. took my seat with serial interviewee came and told his experience.
panel was good blah blah interview goes for 20 min etc. i asked for room. he said room no-3(im happy chalo panel sahi hai)
at the same time another one came and literally cursing the chemistry teacher in room number 1.supported by an another candidate.
HEADSHOT:just came to know that board 3 was sent to room 1(chemisrty wala). ohhh luck,totally pissed off at myself more importantly 
at being late.
within 5 min when i was sitting with them(after DV) and having chat, a person came and called my name . 
waited outside the room.a student came out from room-2. (no idea about room 2 but the guy was in sweat, frustated).
another one came out from my room,dont even tried to see his face,kept walking in the small gallery. buzzer rang.
panel-chairman, F1-chemistry wali,F2-hobby and current affairs, m2-tecnical(i think he has an electrical background)
i opened the door and 
me: may i come in??
chairman: areyy arey aap to prince hai. no need to do that, aaiye baithiye(his 1st line and nature was good , METER-UP).
yaha se interview bhi hindi me hi start ho gaya.
me:gm sir, gm ma’am, gm ma’am, gm sir. no one paid heed to my greetings.f2 said to sit sit down.
me : thank u.
chairman:to aapne national khela hai, but last me mention kyu kiya.
me: sir vo 8th & 9th me khela tha. waha 10 th k bad ka puchha hai.
chairman:ye HBTI me HB Kya hai?
me:sir harcourt buttler.
chairman:pakka. kaun the?
me:governor of up in 1921-22.
chairman:uttar pradesh?
me:nhi united provinces.
chairman:aap tcs me the?ye ase kya hai?
me:assistant system trainee.i mean engineer.
chairman: kyu chhod di? jyada kam karate the?
me nhi sir kam to jyada nhi tha. but me electronics se hu, software me growth k liye sikhna bhi tha. but waha sbi me jo posted kiya gaya tha
maintenance dept me waha par scrren k samne baith k bas ye dekhna hota tha ki process break na ho.break hui to initaiate kar do.
chairman: to usk liye alarm laga dete. ?
me:sir company k revenue generate kaisa hota. 3 persons were appointed for the same has to paid hefty amount for them.
chairman: achcha achchha. ma’am u can ask.
F1:Percentage achchi hai. chemisty se puchhu.(chairman; ha topper raha hai puchho puchho).
F1:aromaticity kya hoti hai?
me :told.
f1:benzene and cyclohexene me difference?
me:alternate bond can changed postion in cyclohexene bond are fixed.
f1:resonance suna hai/
me haan suna to h.
me:ma’am bas stability se related hai itta yad aa rha hai.
f1:ok, kuchh puchh ayad ni rha but scientist pchha tha?
me:maam nhi pata.
f1:told name of scientist. nhi suna?
me: nhi ma’am. sorry.
f1: achcha koi natural polymer?
f1:kala se milta hai/
me: latex of rubber tree.
ok sir aap puchho 
m2: led and lcd me difference batao/
me: told.
m2:kuchh electrical se puchhu?
me:haan sir. i’ll try.
m2:electricitu used in house?
m2:dc kya hota hai/
me: explained on wavenature of ac and constant value of dc.
m2:achccha digital india batao?
me:explain.(METER-high).beech me hi rok ke m2 ne puchha
m2: acahcha 3 terms hai-accontability, tranparency and responsibility. kya hai?
me: explained.
m2: to f2: ma’am aaap puchho
f2:news bataiye aj ki?
me greece referrendum me 87% votings open ho chuki hai. usk basis par 60% log are
saying “no to bail out programme or they want austerity measures to continue.
f2:phl ki batao?
me:international level par abhi isis ka attack 3 places tuniisia,quawait and france me.
tunisis me aj se hi 30 din ki emergency. (doesnt seem interested so told that national level par
modi gate).
f2:kya hai ye?
me : told.(inbetween i used dhaulpur house)
f2:dhaulpur house kya hai?
me: palace hai:
f2:kya problem hai?
me:ma’am dushyant singh ,vasundhra raje’s son commercily use kar rha hai palace ko he dont have te right to do so.
usk pita k sath hue case me hc ruling me use palace k sirf movable assets ko use karneka haq hai but dont have the right to use immovable assts.
f2::usk pita kon hai?
me hemant singh.
f2:to ye palace hai kiska?
me:instrument of accesion ( partition k time ) k according central govt time.(at this tym METER IS AT ITS HIGHEST POINT).
F2 want to ask something but chairman cut her short and said that is all. wish u all the best. 
me: thank u. have a good day.
came out happily. dont know why others were cursing them. people were cordial.
didnt answer to chemistry she wrote it down.
4th one was sitting on my right so keep eye contact with him while answering to his question(dont know shoul i make eyecontact with the people in front).
no question left. this is all. hardly 7-8 minutes(it may be reason for average marking)
bcoz didnt ask anything about hobby,uttar pradesh, muzaffarnagar-riots, mumbai,tcs,kanpur(college),no gs and the social service,
that was a marks booster, bcoz udaan is claimed to be the largest school working for the ragpickers,
providing them education and medical(daily facility -retired mbbs doctor).
note: board 3 was in room-1,in room-3 there were 3 members(interview length is generally 15-20 minutes).

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