SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 95

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Mr. Prateek.

Just sharing my interview experience at IMRT business school,Lucknow..
There were 4 members in the panel 3 Male and 1 female….
i entered the room and wished gudmorning and they asked me to sit.

M1(Chairman) : Asked about the difference between chemical and physical change.I explained it to him clearly
then he asked me about the hollywood movie “The Interview”(as i have written in my hobby that i watch hollywood movies).i told him that i didnt saw that movie
then next question was about the diff b/w hollywood and bollywod which i explained clearly.
then the Female started asking questions
F: what is the metal used in casting of engine, why is lubricating oil used, what is the function of paint in automotive industries, why truck have more tyres in its rear end as compared to its front end,what is viscosity,what is biofuel,what are the end product of combustion..
as i was from mechanical engineering i answered all this question
Then came the 3rd member
Q 1: tell me some thing about Rana Pratap
Me: I told him about him and that he confronted Akbar.
Q2: which battle was fought between him and akbar
Me: i sid that i didnt know the answer
Q3 between whom the 1st battle of panipat was fought
Me: i forgot the answer and was totally confused and gave wrong answer .
Then came the 4th member
Q1 what is the significance of editorial in a newspaper
Me: i explained it to him by taking an example from The Hindu
Q2: what do u mean by page 3
Me : i answered it
Q3 he asked about some futball and hockey  match ..which i was not able to answer
……then they asked me to leave..i left wishing them gudday

My no are 465 just thinking of getting IB..

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