SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 86

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Rahul Gautam
Region : NR Board: E 
Total score: 435
Educational Qualification : (Aero) and (Avionics)
Date: July 3rd, 2015

3 members: m1 ( male chairman), F1 (vice chancellor of some university), F2 (retired IAS)
My interview was at SSC nr region at 9 am. I reached there by 8.30 am. And we were allowed to enter by 9.15. Then there was this whole procedure of document verification. After that since mine serial no. Was 1 (one) I was taken for the interview.
Now begins the real movie…..
As soon as I entered the rum I wished them gud morning n all ..did all the necessary formalities required. They all were going thru my bio data form .
Here goes m1 (the chairman ): so rahul u have very gud track record from 10th onwards
Me: gave a smile
M1: tel me 3 isotopes of uranium
Me: sir, uranium 235, 234 and 239 (last one was wrong it shud HV been 238)
M1: why do u want to leave ur field
Me: gave Some stupid answers like no scope in India ye wo…n in SSC jobs good career growth job security n all
Den he asked f1 to ask some questions
F1: what is propulsion
Me: explained thoroughly all about engines..various types of engines like turbofan, turboprop, turbojet etc.
F1: what is aerodyanmics
Me: answered
Then came f2
F2: what is the difference between helicopter, aeroplane and rocket..what is the basic principle behind them
Me: started explaining from Bernoulli’s theorem to newtons third law n all
F2: explain thoroughly the working of helicopter
Me: explained.. All about pitch angles of rotors, implementation of newtons third law, how it pushes the air in downward direction…sb bol dia
Then again
M1( chairman): tell me something about western ghats
Me: I am not much into geography BT can give it a try
( he said OK OK no problem)
F1: which week is going on
Me: digital week
F1: what was the isro’s last big mission
Me: told her about orbiter mission, explained her all about payloads n all
M1: what is ionosphere
Me: explained
M1: height of ionosphere
Me: told
M1: how do we communicate wid MOM
Me: Told
F1: what is navigation and guidance
Me: explained thoroughly
M1: when satellites were not there still v had radios, what was the principle behind their working
Me: sir it was because of the presence of ionosphere, explained thoroughly
M1: what is INSAT
Me: told
M1: what is IRS
Me: fumbled a bit BT somehow convinced them
M1: name the satellite used by america for communication
Me: I don’t know sir
M1: so rahul u play chess as well, tell me the world chess championship that held in Iceland last year..who were the two players competing against each other
Me: I thot for a bit..then said Bob Fischer and …….was blank for sometime then randomly I said magnus carlsen which was wrong actually
M1: so rahul u have been selected as po in Punjab and sind bank
Me: smiling…..
M1: what is repo rat
Me: answered
M1: reverse repo rate
Me: answered
M1: what is refinancing
Me: I cudnt answer properly BT somewhat I was on right track
Then dey said they were done n in reply I thanked them and came out
Over all it was a gud experience ..gave my best shot…keeping my fingers crossed n hoping for the best
All the best to all …be calm give ur best …tc

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