SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 74(SR Region)

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Mr. Kamruddeen Saifi. I am sure we all are thankful to him for sharing his detailed interview.
Interview SSC SR Chennai
Date : 1st July 2015
Chairman, 2 Gentlemen & 1 Madam

Very humble & nice. Very good natured, supportive interview board.

They did not asked about any current issue, Schemes of our PM Modi, new appointed commission like NJAC, post Preferences, constitutional position, names or other current issues.

My interview:
Me: May I come in, sir.
Ch: Come in. Be seated.

I wished all “Namste mam, Namste sir….”
Me: Thank you sir. 
I was seated and then Chairman gave me the attendance file to put signature on that. I signed it there.

Ch: What are you doing since you have completed your study?
Me: Explained.
Ch: What do your parents do? 
Me: Told
Ch: Your brothers & sisters? 
Me: Told 
Ch: Are they educated? 
Me: Yes
Ch: I have noticed many time, Muslims me itna kam kyu pdhate h sabhi? Khaskar Girls ko kyo nhi padhaya jata? 
Me: Explained in my way. 
Ch: Your views and what do you do for woman education in Muslim?
Me: Explained

# Then turned to Mam(F1)
F1: What are other problems for woman education in muslim community? Being a woman, I am asking this.

Mam se meine pahle puchha ki “May I speak in Hindi mam”. 
Ch- Yes, you can proceed in Hindi only. No problem. 
But mam was not comfortable in Hindi.

# Then turned to First Gentleman
M1: You have done B.Sc. Which subject do you like most?
Me: Mathematics Calculus.
M1: What are the limit integration? 
Me: sorry sir.
M1: What is the limit?
Me: Explained but ghuma fira ke… 
M1: Negative infinite can be there? 
Me: No sir.
M1: what are other subjects of your graduation?
Me: Told

# Turned to M2
M2: You have written here that you also had the task of the RTI application in your section/office. When RTI Act came into effect? 
Me: 1 June 2005
M2: Show me your extra curricular activities certificate. 
Me: Gave him, he gave to Chairman. Because the certificates were in Hindi. Only chairman sir knew the Hindi.
M2: You are a Muslim, you have participated in cultural activities in your college and performed as Lord Krishna? How?
Me: Explained.
Ch: You are showing Election duty as Social work. How can you say that this is a social work?
Me: Sir, I have shown this as a Group Activity.
Ch: Ok!
M2: What are the duties of presiding officer?
Me: Told

Ch: Show me your blood donation certificate.
Me: I gave.
Ch: Your hobby is Cooking. Which dish do you like most?
Me: Sir, Chicken Curry
(All laughed at this)
Ch: Kon si style me bhai? Mughal, north Indian, Hyderabadi, South Indian or any other else?
Me: Sir I have learnt the cooking at my home only, so it is North Indian.
Ch: What is the difference between running and jogging.
Me: Explained in my way.
Ch: Aap kitna krte ho?
Me: Sir, mai daily nhi krta but Saturday & Sunday mei lagbhag 30 minutes. 
Ch: Is age me to aapko jyada krna chahiye.
Me: Yes sir.

Ok thank you. You may go. 
I thanked all of them. 
Maine mostly Hindi (General Hindi) ko hi istemal kiya jyadatar time, because I am from UP and more comfortable with Hindi . Kvi kvi Chairman sir ne v mere Hindi reply ko english translate krke board ke dusre members ko btaya.

All were very happy. Haan, magar communication gap jrur tha but fir v Chairman sir ne use v pura kr diya tha. Kuchh ko mere reply samjh aaye vo khush the, jinko samjh nhi aaya vo v isiliye khush the ki unhe nhi pta ki m kya bol raha hu. 
Jo expect kiya tha, itna ratta lagaya tha duniya bhar ka, kuchh nhi puchha uss mei se.

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