SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 135

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Deepak Dagar

First of all thanx singh bhupi bhai and all other admins n all the members of this group.
Name – Deepak Dagar
tier 1 +2 score – 490.25

post preference : 1. CVC 2. MEA 3. CSS

Region-NR Board G serial no 2
Educational background- M.Sc Forensic Science with specialization in chemistry 
B.Sc Applied Sciences in Industrial Chemistry
Previous selections- CBI 2013
panel- 1 Female F (chairperson) 2 male M1 and M2
Entered room wished them good morning separately.. F and M1 k face p smile thi par M2 serious the..
First they read my bio data precisely…
F : tell me something about u
I gave a brief introduction about my birth n studies n family..
Then she read my certificates relating training courses of IPS officers n judges and my role in their training.
Me : as a Junior fellow I helped various course directions in feedback evaluation and demonstration of various cases relating to NDPS act 1985 spot test (preliminary test and instrumentation for confirmatory test)
The she got curious what exactly is forensic science?
Me: it’s the collection of various disciplines of science via biology chem. Phy documents engineering for the purpose of law.
Then I mentioned its history n various trends now involved and manner of testing and analysis procedure adopted on forensic science labs.
F: you have mentioned team manager of chemistry society of your college? What is it?
Me: Mam, my role was to organise various inter college events of various colleges of Delhi university via poster making, debate competitions treasure hunt etc. then she smiled and asked M1 to proceed.
M1: Acha tumne btaya k tm jammu m rhe ho. Jammu Kashmir se kitne desho ki boundries milti h. 
Me: sir Pakistan and china. (mann m tha afganistan par kha nai, cuz wo ab POK ka part h)
Then he asked rajasthan n Punjab se pak se kahan se n knsi boundaries milti h.
Me sir wagah in Punjab and jaisalmer in rajasthan
Then he asked where is gulf of mannar 
I answered sir its b/w india and sri lanka near coromondel coast. 
Then he asked me nearest state near it
Mind m aya hi nai.. unhone fir ques pucha pucha to maine sry bol dia. Khte chalo koi nai
Then he asked me goa p kinka rule tha?
I answered: sir Portugal
He asked where is Portugal 
I answered sir Europe. Then he said tats all…. Asked M2 to proceed. Is tym tk m confident tha. Par interview ka bura phase ab shuru hua.
M2: what is toxicology?
I answered: study of poisons , their metabolism, action on body..and their analysis .
M2: what are pesticides?
I answered compounds of organic nature that kill pests . they are of various types organo-chloro, organo phosphorus etc
Then he asked is DDT banned in India?
I wasn’t sure to said sry sir dnt knw
Then he asked me what is pest?
I answered unwanted crops that reduce the yield of crops
Then he asked name some pests?
Name yaad hi nai aye.. to I said sry sir.
Uske bd bolte brics suna h?
I said ha sir brazil Russia india china south Africa
M2: name of the bank?
I said brics bank
He said nai ye name nai h
Pata nai kya hua m wo name b bhul gya
Thodi der bola the beech m new development bank par unhone ansuna kr dia cuz tym p direct ans nai dia 
Then he asked acha who is president of this bank and where are its headquarters?
Me: sir name to nai pta par ye pta h Indian h tongue emoticon.. n head quarters china m h
M2: acha cricket ka interest h.. ye btao lodha comitte kya h. inhone kya verdict dia h?
me: sir ye IPL spot fixing case p bnai gai standing committee h jisme inhone verdict dia h k Chennai superkings n rajasthan royals 2 yrs k liye banned ki jaye IPL se.
M2: who r the owners?
Me: raj kundra ( RR) and mayappan for (CSK)
M2: who is mayappan? 
Me: son in law of bcci president srinivasan 
M2: is Dhoni involved?
( news m ajtk kbi suna nhi tha to I said sry sir ni pta..)
Then they started eating their snacks and having tea.. fir puchte tmne cgl ku dia .. apni field m aage ku nai badhte ?
I replied contractual jobs aati h bs forensics me and achi govt jobs k liye ya to experience chaiye ya fir deputation pe hota h selection..
Wo b khte ha ye to hai. Staff sbhi deparment me kam h. kya kre…
Then they wished me good luck . n thank u…

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