SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 98

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of  Piku Piku

Done with my interview
Allahabad Board-1 8/7/15 Sr no – 15
Members – 1m (ch) , 2f(subject expert), 3f(history), 4m (hobby)

M1- u have done btech from a prestigious university why 
Me- most prestigious versity in my field asias 1 st and worlds 3 rd .
M1- good, why u have choosen dairy tech for ur graduation and u got national talent scholarship what is it and why dairy tech
Me- Sir I got nit kuk but not joined due to high fee 50000 per year and my family was not able to afford it so I choose this field and which have 2000 Per yr fee and I was getting 1000 rs per month scholarship 
M1- very good, 
Now subject expert mams turn
F1- what u have learnt in btec tell subjects
Me- told
F1-what is pasteurization
Me – heating each and every particle of milk up to certain temp time combination
Ie. Htst high temp short time 72/15sec
Ltht -low temp high time 63/30 min
Uht- ultra high temp 140/4 sec
F1- what are the microorganism which destroyed by pasteurization
Me – all pathogenic mo 
Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Coxialla burnetti
F 1-why only these oraganism destroyed by pasteurization 
Me- cause only these are high heat resistant and destroyed at pasteurization temp , and only these two finds in milk if it is heated 50 c
F1- what is good raw milk or pasteurized milk
Me- pasteurized milk 
Cause it removes all harmful bacteria
F-1 but pasterization se kuch loss bhi to hoga
Me- yes Mam vit c and sulfhydrl group 
F1- to agar MO ko neglect kare to kaun sa milk achha hoga
Me-definitely raw milk
M1 again – u r getting such a good salary and u r in a reputed organization why u Wanna leave it
Me – told him about slow growth in my organization
Bola Sir agar main apne ko aaj se 10 saal baad dono position me compare karu to is job me AM hi ho paunga lekin ssc se gazzated officer
M1- good
Then f2 turn
F2- which state has lowes sex ratio
Me – haryana
F2- why
Me- told about lack of awareness and education and khap panchayat
F3-which state has highest sex ratio 
Me- kerala
F3- why
Me – again Kerala has max literacy ratio
F3- ok now she asked in Hindi
Main tumko kuch name bolungi batana wo kiske samay me aye the
F2- ibne batuta
Me- sorry
M1- yaar isme ek gaana bhi tha sunao kya tha
Me – told
M1-kis movie ka tha
Me- isqiya
M1 – kisne likha tha
Me- guljaar
M1- guljaar Muslim hai??
Me – no Punjabi Hindu
M1- his real name
Me- shri sampurna Singh kalra
M1- very good
Now f2 again
F2- when tsang
Me- harsha vardhan
F2- Sir Tomas row
Me- jahangir
F2- why he came to jahangir
Me- want to start a factory In Surat but denied by jahnagir .
F2- very good
Me- thnk u mam
M2- ur hobby is shayari and ghajal writing 
Me- yes Sir
M2- difference between shayari and ghajal
Me- ghajal is combination of odd no of shayaris
M2- what is makta
Me-last line of ghajal
Me- first shayari of ghajal
Now m1 said Bhai ye aise nahi jayega shayar hai isko bithaye rkhoge to baitha rahega aise hi
Me- no Sir agar aap bolo to main Chala jata hu ya phir ek shayari suna deta hu
M1- baith jao aur sunao
Me- suna di Bhai logo
All were impressed
M1(chairman)- thnk u beta and wish u all the best
Me- thnk u sir aur sab ko wish kiya
M1- has rha tha kah rha tha intresting ladka hai
Now feeling relaxed
Now Bhai logo jyada lamba Ho gya but sab kuch likh diya jitna pucha tha
Batao Bhai kitne marks mil jayege 
But m totally satisfied with my performance

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