SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 139

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We are sharing with you interview experience of SKPag
Interview Experience: Venue- Delhi
Name : Suraj Kumar
Home State: Bihar
Degree: B.Tech, IT (VIT, Vellore)
Done with Document verification – It was smooth and quick.
A guy came to take me to the Interview Room. One person was sitting outside and other was inside the chamber. He asked me to wait there as my number was after that Boy.

I asked to the guy about the panel and he said : there are three members

A lady member (Chairperson: C)

Two Male Members (M1 & M2)

“I have mentioned my Name, State & Degree in the beginning as it is related to the Interview questioner.”

Bell Rang

May I come in Mam (I asked and entered)

“It is not a usual arrangement of chairs (I observed) – My chair was in front of Mams chair and other two chairs are Right (M1) & Left (M2) side of my chair (It is because of the small size of the table).”

C: come in, sign kar do

Me: taking the paper towards me.

C: baith jao beta, baith ke sign kar lo

Me: Thank you mam. Signed

C: what is Suraj means?

Me: mam, Suraj means- The Sun

C: kya karna chate ho, Suraj ki tarah?

Me: Mam chamakna chata hun.

C: Smile on the face. Who is Karpoori Thakur?

Me: Pause for a second, sorry mam can’t recall (BOLD on a try Ball… He was the first CM of Bihar)

C: Vellore aur kis lie famous hai?

Me: Christian Medical College ke lie.

C: Committee mein kya kia (from extra curriculum activity)

Me: Mam, disciplinary Committee ka member tha.

C: Descipline kyo jaruri hai?

Me: Explained (she looked satisfied)

C: what are the processes to live a disciplined life?

Me: Bata dia.

C: Planning jaruri nahi hai?

Me: yes mam, planning vi jaruri hai.

C: Cooking mein ky bana lete ho?

Me: Halwa, Rice, Mam Roti vi banal eta hun per bel nahi paata & some Non Veg Items.

C: good. Pass on to M1

“Though it was difficult to maintain Eye Contact but I was maintaining it as much as I could have.”

M1: what is your first preference?

Me: Sir, Examiner

M1: What is the role of an Examiner?

Me: told

M1: what do you know about Constitution?

Me: I started with: our constitution is the lengthiest one…. Blablabla… he stoped me at preamble.

M1: yes kya hai preamble mein?

Me: told

M1: What does Sovereign means?

Me: Told

M1: aur kya hai Constitution mein?

Me: Parliament

M1: what is Parliament?

Me: Parliament consists of Lok Shaba, Rajya Shaba & President (he was looking for president in my answer)

M1: OK, kaun sa session chal raha hai abi?

Me: Told

M1: Kya ho raha hai abi session mein?

Me: Session is in Impasse. Opposition are asking for resignation of Mrs. Sushma Swaraj, Mrs Vashundra Raje & mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan.

M1: To kya karna chaie?

Me: hamare PM, Mr. Narendra Modi ko ye deadlock end karna chaie?

M1: No, tell me what do you think, is necessary to do?

Me: Again a diplomatic answer.

M1: PM ko statement dena chaie?

Me: yes sir, PM can give a statement or he can talk to opposition parties or he always comes with some innovative Ideas, but Parliament session must start.

C: aap puchie (M2)

M2: you have done B.Tech in IT. Define IT

Me Told (not a bookish definition but he was satisfied)

M2: What is Mobile data?

Me: Told (again not a bookish one but he was not satisfied)

M2: Do you use Smart Phone? Why it is called Smart?

Me: Told

M2: what is GPS?

Me: starting telling but interrupted.

M2: Start with full form.

Me: sorry sir, I am missing the full form (Global Positioning System)

M2:  Iska matlab, you don’t know what is GPS?

Me: No sir, I know it is used for location tracking, ….. Interrupted by C

C: chote sahar mein use nahi karte hoge naa.

Me: yes Mam

C: you can go now.

Me: Thank you Mam, Sirs. Have a nice Day.

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