SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 101(SR)

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of  Mr. Singh Bhupi Sir from SSC SR 

Finished my interview on 07.07.2015 around 3 PM, Board Room II 2F, 2M (Chairman Female):

CH may be from North India. She has served in Coimbatore it seems. Crop cut hair and thin.
Questions asked:
1. Why leaving central excise? (Explained somewhat satisfied)
2. Bio Diversity of western ghats? (fumbled a bit)
3. Species, Bio Spherical reserves? ( managed to mentioned some)
4. What is your opinion question?( Is it necessary to spend tax payer’s money for Space research like Mangalyan instead of using it for Poverty alleviation) ( Satisfied)
5. What are alternative sources of energy? (Explained satisfied)
1. Types of monsoon in India? (Answered)
2. When S-W monsoon starts? Who gets max. rainfall? (Answered)
3. NE monsoon? (Answered)
4. Tamil Nadu gets max rainfall from NE or SW? (Answered)
1. Appreciated me for getting commendation from Commissioner for Gold seizure in airport(I mentioned in group activity)
2. Even then why you want to leave the dept.? (lack of promotion again)
3. What is an algorithm? (Explained, convinced)
4. Do we have algorithm for all problems? ( Said No and explained why, somewhat satisfied)
1. What is philately? (answered)
2. Tell some schemes of Post Offices savings scheme ( I was working in post office before joining excise) (Explained)
3. Asked about the recent stamp released? ( I don’t know man)
1. What is the recent International football tournament ? ( Mentioned Watching football as my hobby) ( said about Copa America and Women FIFA World Cup)
You may leave they said. Thanked everyone and lef

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