SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 126

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Vivek anand

date 16/7/2015 venue – Delhi
My profile – civil engineer , master in business economics , 2 yrs experience in software company and also worked as research associate in govt. project for 6 months.

Panel 7, candidate 4th Panel members – Chairman (C), Sardarji (S), Psychologist mam (P)
 and one more sir(M)

As I entered I wished Good Morning to all.

P – Have a saet Mr. X.

Me – Thank you mam.

C – So you are from “so and so state”.

Me – yes, sir.

C – Tell me something about “so and so state”.

Me – Told.

C- (Interrupting in between) What is MBE.

Me- Its an amalgamation of MBA and MA economics with stress on econometrics and statistics.

C- OK , So do you know about balance sheet. Tell me something about it.

(Didnt expected this , I am comfortable with anything from economics but coming to finance and that too this commerce,accountancy stuff…I thought what the f@@k)

Me- Sir it consists of assets on one side and liabilities from other side. Both side balances. Infrastructure and machinery are assets. Employee salary are liabilities.

C- If company issues shares , What is it for the company ,asset or liability.

Me- Since it is asset for share holders , I guess it is liability for the company.

C- You are guessing???… Yes anyways you are right.

(I was’nt comfortable with the topic , therefore was playing diplomatically but backfired).

C- How about profit and loss account.

Me- The list consist of all the profits accumulated and losses incurred in a given period.

C- What are the types of profits.

Me- A company might have many subsidiaries and also the profit is coming from many verticals so summing all these adds up to profit side. ( Didnt knew what to answer , simply blabbering)

C – I am asking categories of profits not the direction in which you are going.

Me- Sorry Sir, In that case I dont know.

C – Ok , Why do some companies have ltd. in the name . What does it mean.

Me – Sir it means company is liable for payment of loan in case taken in name of company and not the owner or shareholder.

C – what does that means.

Me – It means in case a company goes bankrupt , bank can’t go after the owner’s personal fund for the recovery of their loan.

C – Ok sir you can ask the questions ( pointing to S)

Me- Perfect example is Kingfisher and Vijay Mallaya.

(By that time he was satisfied with the answer , My last statement further clarified my point).

S – Mr X, You have mentioned Highway engineering in special subject. What is the difference b/w concrete road and normal bituminous road. What are pros and cons of both.

Me – Concrete asks for less maintenance and is also very stable compared to normal roads. Bituminous roads on the other hand are economic.  ( explained further, looked satisfied)

S-  Have you recently travelled in Delhi in last few months.

Me- No Sir, but please ask the question you were asking.

S- The new flyovers these days have very sleek design ,  broad on the top and very thin at the base. Earlier used to be broad from top to bottom.

Me – Sir, first of all the shape is symmetric so all the load comes to the central part. Secondly the foundation is very deep. For ex. Al Burj Khalifa is 800 m above the ground but 2 km below the ground. ( talked a further here, seemed satisfied)

( Mam’s turn , probably the psychologist , also asked GK qstns)

(asked a question of clarrification on an extracurricular activity whether it was at school level or college level , I said it was a private organisation)

P – Who wrote Vande Matram.

Me – Shri Bankim Chandra Chatterji ( Made sure to give respect by using “shree” , saying directly might have been rude)

P – Ok, was it an independent poem or part of some big poem or story.

Me- Sorry mam , don’t know further than that.

P – You have mentioned reading books as your hobby. What kind of books do you read.

Me- Mainly spiritual kinds, I have read Gyaan Yoga and karma Yoga by Swami Vivekananda.

P -Tell  me something about Swamiji.

Me – (Started telling….. )

P – (interruption) Who was his guru.

Me- Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa. ( Resumed…)

P- (interruption)..did swamiji founded something.

Me- mam, same Ramkrishna Paramhansa mission(resumed…)

P- (interruption)..Who founded Arya Samaj

Me – swami dayanand saraswati.

P- and Brahma Samaj

Me -Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

P – thats it from my side.

( Now M’s turn , Current affairs guy)

M – What is smart city all about.

Me- Sir, there are three main concept Sustainability , Infrastructure and environment. All three come under the umbrella of Information technology. ( I guess I wrapped it pretty well, seemed satisfied)

M – How many such cities are being planned.

Me- 100

M- How many from your state.

Me- Sir, 2 cities from each states as if now. 6 cities from my state has given nomnations , 2 would be selected by the commitee.

(his part was over, Now Chairman again)

C- Which post you have given your top preference.

Me- Examiner.

C- reason.

Me- From my persoanal  research I found that it offers fastest promotion opportunity.

C- any other.

Me- Sir, I have studied International economics in my PG , so a little bit familiar of what all things are going around their.

C- What’s the job profile.

Me- The examiner assesses the import duty on imports and export duty on exports. We have WTO , multilateral and bilateral agreements with many countries. Also historically duties are high on agricultural products as compared to industrial products. So this makes it interesting. After say 15 yrs from now I want to influence policy decisions regarding same.

C- Ok

Me- that’s whay I want to dwelve into it.


S – You were Research Associate in “So and So College”. Show me the certificate.

Me- Shown ( The college name has Punjabi initials, probably Sardarji might have associated with it).


C- When were you in “So and So” IT company.

Me – told.

(It was over by now , The panel was very cordial. It was better to keep on speaking until someone interrupt as they were interested in litsening to you. The beginning part with Chairman was totally unexpected..but I managed somehow…Overall it was satisfactory experience…What you say guys…how much can I score..)

I owe this to sscnaukari


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