SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 82

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience in NR 
Date 3rd July Region NR
Board – 3 Males and 1 female
First Chairman started with asking questions from my resume. He asked about my
hometown. Then he asked about my school and college. He went point by point through co-curricular activities and asked relevant questions. The questions were mainly explanatory in nature, very simple. He asked why i declined the two job offers i had after my graduation and seemed very satisfied with my answer. He also asked question about the group activities done. In nut shell he was incharge of resume scanning :D. 

The second board member asked questions related to Punjab as i mentioned that i stayed in that state for some time. He asked about Ferozepur (The place i stayed), Amritsar, Jallianwala Bagh incident, Saifuddin Kichlu, the Ali brothers, Udham Singh.

Third board member focused on my filled choices. As i had filled only Assistant posts with MEA on top. He asked questions pertaining to Indian foreign Policy, the key milestones (explained in great depth : D), difference between embassy n high commission, Grexit, Satnam Singh Bharara, PM’s foreign policy.

At this point all seemed very happy and told me that my interview was over. I while getting up point out that lady interviewer hadn’t asked any questions, they forgot   and then ask her to ask her questions.

By now she was fairly certain that i am a chatty person. She was in-charge of technical questions. But, she didn’t touch engineering. She asked about electromagnetic spectrum, the ionizing powers of different waves, nuclear fission and fusion, electrons protons and neutrons- their charge, mass and arrangement.

Over all the board was very gentle, cooperative, jovial and interactive.

It was a fun experience.

My advise- Know your resume completely. Don’t worry if you suck at your graduation subjects. They already know that :D. You should be able to showcase what you are good at. Its that simple.

Keep calm. Be confident. Keep smiling even if under pressure.

Good luck.

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