SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 110

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Ajay kumar btech IT
10/07/15 ssc nwr chandigarh

Panel B 4 members 1 lady(gentle) L
3 men m1(english professor from kuk haryana) m2(chairman) m3(physics lect)
Lady- Y b tech from chennai??
Wat language is spoken in TN and other southern states
Historical places in haryana
Panipat battles(answered most of them)
M1- gave me a word and asked to pronounce it and to tell its meaning.. then he spoke a word and asked me to write its spelling(was i participating in a fucking spell-bee contest)
M2- preamble
        Fund duties
M3- he asked only school quiz questions..
        How is rainbow formed
         Polarisation(could answer only half of his questions)
        And a few more ques i dont remember
They asked me go so i got up but the chairman said he wanted to ask one more quest
Chairman- wat is cyber crimes
                   Cyber security
Explained in full detail for 5 minutes😉😉as i had the same chairman in my interview in cgl13.. and he he had asked the same question back then but couldn’t explain very well then..

They are very impressed and said very gud beta u can go.. thanked all of them and came out..

No ques from hobbies
And ter are marks for extra curricular activities and social and group activities😎😎

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