SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 130

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Santosh Kumar Tiwari

Interview done.SR

Date 17.7 around 1.15 last candidate before lunch.
2 M, 2F
Chairman- your name
Me- replied
Ch- you r working in railway since long time around 4 years
Me- around 10 years sir
Ch- what was ur work
Me- replied
Ch- do u read newspaper in morning
Me- yes sir
Ch- tell me some news
Me- told that there was one important news regarding net neutrality
Ch- what is this explain
Me- padha tha bt words nahi mil rahe the explain karne ke liye. He was not satisfied what I told . Then he explained in detail.
Ch- what r BRICS countries
Me- replied
Ch- they have formed one bank what is the name
Me- I m not sure but shayad it is BRICS development bank.
Ch- who is the chairman
Me- shayad K V Kamath
Ch- ok he told one madam to ask .
M1- I will ask some basic question from science
Me- yes ma’am
M1- how rainbow are formed
Me- could not explain
M1-what colour r there
Me- explained bt missed one name
M1- u missed one name tell me again
Me- again missed one another
M1- u should know all this these r basic things
Me- sorry ma’am ! I forgot
M1 – tell one Indian who got noble prize in science
Me- could not recall , nervous ho chula tha rainbow se
M1 to M2- you can ask
M2- you r from BUXAR
Me- yes ma’am
M2-tell me abt battle of Buxar
Me- explained
M2- why it was important
Me- after this Allahabad Sandhi was done and British rule was fully established in India.
M2- ok . You have studied medieval history. Tell me abt shershah
Me- he built GT road , daak pratha strded, and did land reforms.
M2- what he introduced , what was the tax system he intruducef
Me- could not recall
M2- raitwadi
M2 told to ask another sir
Sir- why Bihar is underdeveloped.
Me- sir Infrastructure is not developed. Education is lowest in the in last decade it had grown tremendously around 11.5 was the growth rate and in education rate is also improved.
Sir- it is literacy rate not eduction rate. Bt I m not talking abt statistics . Why infrastructure is not developed.
Me- lack of political will power . Bt It is now much improved after mr Nitish Kumar came in power.
Ch- thanks
Me – thanked to all and left the room.

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