SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 134

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Himanshu Mehrotra

New Delhi date-23/7/2015 venue- ssc cgo complex
panel of 4 ( two of the panelist were from last time)

f1 (chair),f2,m1,m2
f1> meaning of cacophony,obnoxious,philology,graphology,serpentine(my hobby..learning new words…)
me: all answered except philology
f1>(little impressed) how u started with this hobby?
me:senti answer
f1>camron suna hai?
me:pm of uk
f1>puran naam batao
me fumbled the name
f1>no its david cameron
me:sorry maam
f1>from which party is he? and two major parties of uk
me:maam no idea
f1>uk mein ireland ka kaunsa part hai
f1>capital kya hai
f1>no, Belfast..par koi nhi dublin bhi chalega (smiles)
f1>india mein irrigaton schemes batao
me:dont know
f1>drought prone area batao
me:vidharba andhra rajasthan
f1>farmer suicides ka karan
me:rain dependence and debt
f1>have u heard about Sine finn?
me:(very tough question…its an irish party)
f2>apne plastic technology padha hai..what are polymers
f2>kya apne electrically conducting polymers padhe hain
me:stumped..oled tv kuch bol rahi thi maam…no idea
f2>kaunse padhe hain kaunse type ke hote hain
f2>polystyrene se kya banate hain
f2>polystyrene kaise banta hai
me:told but wasnt satisfied
f2>hamari body bhi polymer hai
me:told protein
f2>protein kya hain
f2>kuch amino acid ke naam bataein
f2>dna mein kaunsa protein hai
dna is nucleic acid so confused(there is no protein in dna structure)…told it has nitrogenous bases…she was satisfied
m1>legislative juidicial and executive powers of president
me:executive power council of ministers appointed told
juidicail power judges of sc and hc
legislative power told about power of veto…panel shocked jaise kya bol diya maine…i said maam it is not absolute veto…but pocket that legislature can study the bill again…(what are your thoughts sahi nahi bola kya?)
m1>responsibilties of municipalities in delhi
m1>how they raise fund
me:told partially….they wanted to hear house tax
m1>sania mirza and saina nehwal ke bare mein batao
m2>apne pantnagar mein stay kiya hai…ye kis famous aadmi ke naam pe bana hai?
me:taking some pant
m2>kaun they ye
me:told partially…first cm nahi bata paya
m2>swaraj mera janm sidh adhikar
m2>newspaper by bg tilak
me:dont know
m2>which festival made famous by tilak aur kahan se they tilak
me:after some discussion…maharashtra and ganesh chaturthi
m2>khoon do azadi dunga
m2>sc bose force name
m2>lal bal pal kaun they
—————————end of interview—————-
smiles all around maybe because it was the very last interview and the panel was dedicating a lot of time on each person…overall the chairperson was really supportive,,,f2 and m2 were from last time so it felt like 2013 wala phir se de raha hu.
please give your comments and suggestions
kitne expect karu?
1st pref CSS 2nd excise…par maine CSS pehle isliye dala hai taki interview judge karke dekh lu delhi excise ka koi chance hai ya nahi…agar bna toh cpt skip kar dunga
Marks-458 (t1+t2)
please help me out guys with your opinions…special thanks to team of target interview for the support

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