SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 133

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of spider man
Here my intervie. Experience puys 
Allahabad , board-1, Sr no-15 
Members-m1(ch),f1(sub expert),f2(history expert),m2
My turn came at 2:45 pm,  opened the door asked permission to come in chairman said “aaiye  Ji”

Wished them good afternoon
M1- u had done btech and from such a prestigious university and u got national talent scholarship
Me- yes Sir
M1- very good why u did btech in dairy technology
Me- Sir I got admission in nit kuk but bcoz of high fee 50000 per yr I left that my famly cndtn was not good and they r not able to afford the same so I tried for icar exam cleared it with air 16 and got admission in my university with scholarship 1000 rs per month,  fee was only 2000 Per year, I taught in  a coaching to fulfill my money requirements for daily needs even I supported my family financially
M1- very good,
F1- tell me sub of ur first yr
Me- told
F1- what is pasteurization
f1-name microorganis. That r killed by pasteurization         me- mycobaterium tuberculosis, coxiallla burnetti.   
F1-why only these two..             
M1- told..      High heat resistant..     
F1-which milk is good pasteurize. Or raw. .                   Me- pasterized coz it kills al. Harmful microorganism.            
F1-forget about microorganisms then which one is good.                                 Me-if milk is obtaine. By a healthy animal and in hygieni. Condition then definitely raw milk

F1- why.                                      Me- coz loss of vit c and sulfhydr. Grp due to pasturization makes milk less tasty and less in vitmns .            F1- very good.                             M1- yaar main nestle ka powder use karta hu wo mjhe achh lagta hai as compare to Amul milk kyu. .                           Me- told , fortification,  agglomeration,  he was satisfied..                                     m1-u r working in a reputed organization and gettin. Such a handsome salary why u wanna leave it and join ssc..        Me- Sir I really dont wanna leave it but I wanna join ssc bcoz of better growt. And prmtn if.I compare myself in thes two! Jobs in first I would be executive after 8 yrs but in ssc I would be a! gazzated officer.       M1- good
F2-lowest sex ratio kaha hai.     Me- haryana
F2-why in haryana.  .               me- less litrate people, lack of awareness.                             F2- highest sex ratio.                 Me- Kerala                                    F2-why .                                     me- high literacy ratio. .           F2- main kuch naam bolungi batana ye kisk time me Bharat aye the. .                 F2-ibne batuta .              ?         me- sorry mam idk                     m1- isme to ek ganna bhi hai
Sunao.                                       Me- suna diya. .                          M1- kis movie ka hai.                  Me- isqiya
M2- kisne likha hai ye geet
Me- guljaar
M2- real name of guljaar.        me- shri sampurna singh kalra
M2- good.                                 F2- twhn sang. .                        Me- harshawardhan.               F2- Tomas row.                      Me- jahangir.                            F2- kyu aye the.                       Me- Surat m factory start karne k liye but jahnagr denied.          F2- very good beta..                  
Me- thnk u mam
M2- difference betwee. Shyari and ghajal(hobby is shayari ghajal writing)
Me- told
M2- last line of ghajal
Me- makta.                                  m2- first line of ghajal..              Me- matla.                                  M2- what is kafiya in ghajal..       Me- told.                                  m1-said ye aisa nahi jayega,  shayar hain aise mahfil chhodne ka naam nahi lete isko bithaoge to yuhi baitha rahega hame aur bhi interview Lene hai
Me- Sir ap kahte to main jata hu agar Sir app izazat do to ek shayari bhi suna sakta hu apni likhi hui.   M1- baith jao aur sunao.             Me- suna dI bhaio. .         All were happy and impressed..        m1- thnk u beta and wish u all the best
Me- thnk . Sir and wished all of them.     Jab laut rha tha chairman kah rha tha interestin. Ladka hai.   Gate band kar. Bahar aa gya.     Feeling relaxed and satisfie. With my prformnce.                    What u puys think how much I can get I have 430 obc cat first pref is examiner:-:-)

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