SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 105

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of  Kushagra Singh

date–6 july 2015 venue–allahabad board-2 cs..working experience of 2.5 years.

hobbies-reading hindi literature and writing poem,articles and reviews
I-entered in the room wished all members…chairperson(M1) offered me chair..thanked him..and from here so called interview began..tongue emoticon
M1-asked about my college
M1-started reading my biodata form loudly…so you have taken part in cycling..but not in college…you havn’t done sports in college!!
I-no sir..but i have taken part in other extra curricular activities(i had mentioned singing and paper presentation)
M1-didn’t pay any attention to my words
M1-you didn’t take part in any social activities!! no blood ngo(in short his tone was like that you are worth of nothing)
I-in very weak voice..but sir i took part in various group activities(i had mentioned that i have organised a workshop on ethical hacking and annual hostel event)
M1-you were working in a good company..why did you leave?
I-job security,timely promotion and social reputation
M1-got masala now…hmm social repuatation!!…but i often read criticism of government departments in news paper..where is the you think criticism is right?
I-tried to be diplomatic..sir criticism is necessary for development….
M1-interrupted…is it right or not?
I-partially right sir
M1-tell me only right or wrong
I-started by taking example of mid day meal
M1-interrupted..don’t take example and justify
I-a major work of public department is to deliver timely service to the criticizing we can ensure it and fix accounatability
M1-private companies are also not delivering the service in time..many road construction in ppp mode are lagging
I-yes sir..but ppp mode has its own it needs coordination between public and private sector..
M1-what is golden quadrilateral..(he couldn’t pronounce it i have to say sorry two times then he said in hindi..”swarnim chaturbhuj”)
I-did a mistake was a program to connect 4 metro cities
I-sorry sir ‘is’
M1-which are those cities?
M1-what are mega cities?
I-sir exact definition to nahi pata
M1-what are express ways?
I-physical infrastructure
M1-asked the same question again
I-medium of fast transportation
M1-asked the same question again
I-sir sadak hoti hai..(literally i used the same words)
M1-to aise bolo emoticon
M1-express way k nam batao
I-sir apne up me yamuna express way hai
M1-ye kahan se kahan tak hai?
I-delhi se agra
M1-eastern express way,western express way kya hai?
I-is baare me mujhe jyada jankari nahi hai
M1-signaled F1 to ask question
F1-what are universal gates
I-nand and nor
F1-design or using nand
I-sorry mam..i was in my first year of graduation
F1-represent or gate on paper
F1-properties of xor
I-told something like a bar b + a b bar
F1-what operations are used in boolean algebra?
I-started telling boolean algebra is used in circuit designing..gates..and or not…bla bla bla..
F1-but what are the operations?
I-mam like in or we use addition and in and we use multiplication.
F1-what is os
F1-name any three
I-windows,linux and android
I-mam it is used in mobile platform
F1-dos is also an os
I-yes mam command based..used in earlier systems
F1-what is acid property
I-i couldn’t i told these are related to database
F1-yes..but what are these..
I-kuch kuch yaad aaya to i said atomicity..integrity..sorry mam baki yaad nahi aa raha
F1-what is your final year project?
I-speech based web access system
F1-didn’t ask any question on project..what was your role in your company
I-application testing
F1-didn’t ask any question on this and signaled m2 that she is over.
M2-what is CSR?(mentioned in extra information column that i took part in csr in my company)
M2-any recent development?
I-in recent bill it is made compulsory and 2% of net profit must be spent on csr
I-sorry sir..act
M2-is it 2% of profit or turn over?
I-2% of net profit
M2-are you sure?
I-yes sir
M2-how do corporate sector take part in csr?
I-it can be done by two making a separate division in the company itself,like in my company or by through ngos
M1-what if any private company provide fund to government?
I-in that case it won’t be called csr
M1-are you sure?
I-yes sir(i was quite sure regarding this point but yesterday my friend told me that in clean india campaign and namami ganga government has made some provision like this)
M1-signaled to F2
F2-(she was the coolest among them)-aapki hooby upanyas padhna hai?
I-yes sir..sorry yes mam
F2(with pleasant smile)-to last novel kaun si padhi aapne?
I-mam mannu bhandari ji ka upanyas “aapka banti”
F2-ye to bahut hi achha upanyas hai..kya samasyaen uthayi gayi hain isme?
I-jab kisi parivar ka vighatan ho jata hai to us parivar k bacche ki manovrittiyon par uska kya prabhav padta hai iska vishleshan kiya gaya hai.
F2-haan..aap allahabad me rah chuke hain..alfred park ka nam suna hai?
I-haan mam ab iska nam chandrashekhar aajad park hai
F2-iska ye nam kyu kar diya gaya
I-mam yahan aajad ji ka dehant hua tha..(suddenly i don’t know how did my leftist feeling wake up)..aur mere muh se nikal gaya chadrashekhar aajad ajgrejon se muthbhed me maare gaye..(blunder)…but it seems to me no one paid attention to this.
F2-angrej unke peeche kyon pade the.
I-kakori kand ki vajah se
F2-haan..(with pleasant smile)..signaled that she is done can go now
I-thank you..left my seat..suddenly i feel that i didn’t wish them..i turned back and wished a good day one looked at me..(blunder)..i opened the door and took a sigh of relief

P.S.-I had become nervous at some times during the interview especially M1 section..and also took the pencil outside which had been given to me for drawing gate.Although i handed over the pencil to next candidate,i feel that it was a blunder.

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