SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 72

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Navneet Kumar
Date : 30 June 2015 Region : NWR  Time : 12 noon.

Profile : B. Tech (Electrical); Work Profile : 4 Yrs in IT field

Panel : 2 M  1 F (All grumpy, don’t know why?)

Length : 15 – 20 minutes.

M1 : Do you know constitution?

Me : Yes Sir

M1 : What is concurrent List?

Me : Explained fully

M1 : Chairman of CBDT?

Me : Sorry Sir, I am not aware of this.

M1 : Name Finance Minister of India?

Me: Told 4 names

M1 : FM who went to became PM of India?

Me : Told

M1 : FM who went to become President of India?

Me : Told

M1 : Pointed towards M2

M2: You have B.Tech in Electrical…So, tell me what is Isolation Transformer?

Me: Sorry sir I know the Transformer but specific function of Isolation T/F i don’t know

M2 : What is Snubbet Matching in Transmission Lines?

Me : I havn’t heard of this.

M2 : What is power Factor?

Me: Explained

M2 : What is Power factor of transmission lines in India?

Me: sorry sir.

M2 : No problem, pointed towards F1

F1 : What have you done in dramitcs?

Me : Explained

F1 : What is Article 370 ?

Me : Explained

F1 : 2 provisions?

Me: Told

F1 : Government in J&K?

Me : Told

F1 : Any Alliance?

Me : Told

F1 : Chief Minister of J&K?

Me : Told

F1 : North Indian State having BJP government?

Me : Told

F1 : Governor of Haryana?

Me : Told

F1 : Any Cabinet Rank MInister from Haryana?

Me : Told

F1 : Any amendment related to Panchayati Raj?

Me : Told

F1 : ok fine you can go now…

Conclusion .. General interview but technical was going full throttle not only me no was able to satisfy him. He was from south and expectionally knowledgable…

How much marks guys please suggest … according to past experience… do i stand any chance of 65+. Please suggest guys..

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