SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 116

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We are sharing with you interview experience of shahmeer khan

Graduation b a
It was a panel of 4 members
C = Chairman P1 = member 1 (professor) P2 = member 2 L = member 3 (lady)

Entered the room and wished them good Morning
C= baithiye and tried to spell my name
Me= sir its shahmeer khan
C= can we know the meaning of this word “Shahmeer”
Me= shahmeer is the combination of two Persian words where shah means king and meer means head so shahmeer means head of the kings.
C=so you are prime minister as well as president
Me= no sir, not pm or president but head of the kings
C= achha to ek desh main kayi king honge kya
Me= no sir head of the kings of all countries
C= ek country ke bare main sochenge to ek king rahega ya president rahega or doosra uska pm rahega chief executive
Me=and when about united nations when all countries are taken together then the person who heads them
C= nahi wo to theek h wo to ek organization hai desh nhi hai it is not a country.
Me= Sir the meaning of my name is this only
C= kya
Me= head of the kings
C=Chaliye theek ha  
Read my bio data and discussed about my address
C= yeh kya hota ha “madakkhana” (my address)
Me= I don’t know
C= madakkhana kuch sharaab se to sambandhit nahi
Me=Sir I don’t know
Lady interrupted and said afeem vagairah se related h
 C= idhar aap rajaon ke raja hain or rehte madakkhana ke pas hain acchha combination h
(everyone started laughing  I just smiled and said sir it’s a coincidence)
C=doesn’t matter yeh aap ki galti thodi na ha naam to kisi or ne rakha h
Yeh achhi baat ha ke aap uski meaning jaante hai
Again started reading my bio data
C= yeh ek bahut badi cheez hai ke high school or inter aapne maths se kiya or graduation main arts main chale gaye
Aisa kyu kiya
Me= After intermediate I decided for govt. jobs and just for a degree I decided that if I would go for ba it would be easier for me to prepare for competitive exams
C=kya aapne bola if I would kya…
Me= If I have to prepare for ssc exams or other competitive exams then it would be easier for me to prepare if I go for ba
C= aisa, aisa mante hain
To matlab if u take arts subjects to usmain jaldi selection hoga
Me= no sir, I believe that I could do it easily.
C= science main easily nahi hoga
Me= it will take time for study
C=ba main kam time dena padta hai
Achha to baki samay kya karenge agar is main kam time dena padega
Me=Sir I was preparing for exams
If I would have opted for b tech or bsc or any other course then I have to study 4 to 5 hours.wheras in ba I just studied during exams
C= apka yeh impression h ke arts subject se easily selection ho jayga
Me= for my side
C= nahi yeh to apka opinion hi ha hum sab ka thodi na h
Me=repeat my same words as stated above
C= yeh extra curricular activity main kuch ni h  hobby h watching movies, or kya exam qualified kiye h yeh ssc chsl exam
Yeh kya ha CHSL
Me= combined higher secondary level
C= wo kiske liye hota ha
Me= for ldc and deo post
C= doosra kya ha stenographer exam
What is the meaning of stenographer
Me=Stenographer is the person who writes shtenography (language of shorthand)
C= what is the meaning of steno
Me=exact meaning I don’t know
C= graph ka kya matlab hota h
Me= stenographer is the name of the person who writes shorthand
C= kabhi stenosis suna ha kabhi
Me= no sir
C= yeh kaun sa exam h IBPS
Me= Indian banking of personnel selecetion
Corrected myself]
Institute of banking and personnel selection
(personnel ko personal pronounce kar diya)
C=kahi Indian bank probationary to nahi
Chalo hoga kuchh

C= theek h kya puche aap se
Me= its your wish sir
C= apne samvidhaan main ( achha you are english main)
Me= sir hindi will do – 2
C= nahi theek h, in our constitution there are certain list union, state and concurrent list
How do you decide who wil get presidence over the other in concurrent list
Me= unable to answer properly
C=apna yeh jo national flag h iske colors kya denote karte h
Me= told wrong of saffron
Rest white and green was correct
C=yeh apne yaha kuch fundamental rights or duties h dono main kya difference h
Me= told correct
Was saying that respecting our national flag is our fundamental duty
C=interrupted agar main nahi respect karta to kya hoga
Me=court could punish you.
C= achcha, usmain kya hai fundamental rights main
Me= told, and was telling right to reside anywhere in country
C= again interrupted jammu and Kashmir main reh sakte h
Me= no sir its is an exceptional case
C= north east main
Me= yes sir, ( but I was not sure)
C= reh ke dekhle shayad
Chaliye theek ha thank you
Now comes the lady
L= yeh batayye namaz padte h
Me=yes mam
L= namaz main or yoga main koi relation h
Me= told perfectly
L= global warming main batayenge
Me= told
L= what is pollution
Me= told
L= air pollution,preventive measure for air pollution
Me=told everything
Lady over now comes the professor p1
P1=aapka subject economics hai ba main
Me= yes sir but I don’t like economics
P1=to liya kyun or fir teen sal pad bhi liya
P1=ssc exam main jiske liye apne apply kiya h uske liye kaise apne apko yogya mante h
Me= sir I posess all the requirements which ssc asks and I think that I could get the job
P1= sabhi logon ne requirements fulfill ki h aise to
Me= then the best man will get the job
P1= what is that best
M= told him 5-6 points of my strengths.
P1 was impressed
P1=what is the difference bw excise duty and custom duty
Me= told correct for custom and wrong for excise
P1= state or central main rajasva ka batwara kaise hota h
Me= sir I am unable to get your question if you could please repeat it.
P1 he repeated but I was unable to get the answer
P1 over and now come p2
P2= tuition ki spelling batao]
Me= told correct
 Privilege ki
Me=told wrong
(he said correct but chairmen ne pakad li galti or bola likh ke dikhao)
P2=together ki batao
Me= told
C= spelling sahi h privilege ki are you confident
Me= yes sir ( but it was wrong)
P2= what is the difference between uninterested and disinterested
Me=told in my words(but abhi tak exact meaning ni mili)
P2 = kaun si dictionary use karte hai aap
C=there is a word “arrogant” arrogance what is it
What is personality and aptitude
Me= told but not upto the mark
P2 corrected me and told the correct answer
Chairmen ne p1 ko bola tha mobile main sahi meaning dekhne ko privilege ki fir mujhe correct spelling batayi unse puch ke or samjahaya
C= chalo theek hai fir
Ok thank you

I Thanked them al and came out

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