SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 113

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Gaurav Singh

Allahabad board II 8 AM Interview at 11:30 AM
2 Male 2 Female. Enter wish GM mam GM sir
F1 draw PNP transistor symbol. (I drew on paper and showed her but I think they wanted to see how I handle the paper)

F1 what is TTL
Transistor Transistor logic
F1 kis gate ko relpace karta hai ye?
sorry mam
F1 RTL ECL and etc iske bare e btao.
sorry mam
F1 Lab kitne kiye koi 2 lab btao
Mam PCB lab and Osccilloscope
F1 PCB ke bare me btao..
Told and expressed ki Bridge rectifier bnaya tha…
F1 Tell abt Filter crkt.
could not tell as I forget word Frequency…
F1 filter ka use bridge rctifier me krte h,,
then answered ki yes mam it is used to remove AC component remove karne k liye…
F2 Tell abt Satyasodhak samaj
F2 Tell abt Gopal krishna gokhle..
Mam wo gandhi jee k rajneeetik GURU mane jate h.
F2 tell some more abt him
sorrry mam
F2 Mool adhikar bataye
(I got confused as I had never herd mool adhikar and only knew Fundamental Rights)
but answered later and made a mistake that Fundamnetal right are in Part IV of constitutuin..
Chairman….beta DPSP btao.
I told only Gandhian Principal of state policy..
Now he asked abt Prohibition but I could not tell…
again chairman.
How modi is working to make relation with other countries.
I told abt his foreign travel and current travel to Central asia and BRICS SCO summit..
chairman Map pe show karo countries ko.
I showed on World map…
Russia Australia japan uzbekistan khazakhastan turkemenistan Bhutan Nepal and 2-3 more countries.
Chairman asked me abt home city and Regional politician names
also asked abt some crimanally arrested Politicians…name only as I knew them..
Chairman…India me kiitte state hai
28 hai sir aur m apne aankh band kar liye as it was a mistake..
ok name some state and Its CM
told UP BIhar Jharkhand and WB he stopped me as I made a mistake that CM of Jharkhand and Bihar is Nitish kumar..
after his interruption I told sorry sir it is mr, Raghuvar das CM of jharkhand.
Now he asked abt CCA as I had some certificate of games..
It lasted for around 20 minutes
I have said some wrong answer too.
Please tell kitte mil sakte hai..

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