SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 104

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you interview experience of Aman Arora

SSC NR board G Panel 7 SRL 4
background : CSE btech
nothing else in biodata matters

CH F1 F2
i entered .. wished them.. was told to sit down by the chairman..
the chairman tells F1 to ask ..
she starts.. ok so you did maths english computers in 12th
tell me use of computers in agriculture ?
me: after thinking 5 seconds.. mam basically farmers can check prevailing rates in neighbouring markets using internet and various integrated farming plans..
chairman intervenes.. how will a farmer use technology
me:the farmer may not be able to do so but its the current generation that will help.. a Friend of mine lives in TN .. he helps his grandfather in farming and tells him about new developments
noone looks satisfied..
F1: tell me about genetically modified seeds ?
me: those are seeds that are genetically modified to create crops that are better.. like germ resistant wheat,,,stopped in the middle
F1: what is Bt Cotton
me: I am sorry i do not know
F1: white revolution
me: related to milk.. and cows were artificially inseminated ..started by amul..
F1: blue revolution
me: related to fisheries.. cannot elaborate more as i havent read about it..
f1:ok sir u can ask
Ch: what is your first preference
me: fumbled a bit.. said examiner.. po and Cbi are my preferences
ch: imagine that you are an examiner at mumbai airport..fruits have arrived from carribean.. they dont look good.. you cannot contact have to take a decision on them..what would you do
me: thought for 20 seconds..basically i would have to contact the fssai or fci but as its 2:30 so i will get them referigerated and get them inspected in the morning.
ch: so meaning you will pass them
me: no answer
ch: you worked at COE..what is it..
told about my company Canon and everything
ch: what is different about ur project that is different from others
told as much as i could.. tried to convince him he cut me in the middle
passed the baton to f2
f2: recite the preamble
me: i am sorry i cannot recite it
f2: acha start toh karo words ke meaning
me: socialist secular democratic republic
chairman gets up and leaves..
i stayed as calm as possible
f2: sab meanings ke matlab btao
couldnt tell sovereign
rest all words explained
then a strange question related to secularism and freedom rights.. couldnt get it
next about the sources of constitution
told all correctly
next question about the difference in indian and british constitution
started to tell.. came to bicameralism as a similarity
she asked me in the middle as to 3 words were added to preamble..what amendment was it
i said 42nd under the leadership of.. interrupted
you can go
thank you very much
thanked them both.. left..
had a lot of certificates..
one of the most complete biodata forms..
5 hobbies .. had done every current affair topic.. had highlighted DBMS CN OS and web security .. had Ethical hacking CEH certification
but it all came down to nothing..
So m on 469 ..i wont be getting Examiner without getting 58-60 in interview
i guess only 50-53 as per my own knowledge
my English is fluent but i sometimes speak too fast.i may have done the same in interview but its understandable as per me.
Hope it helps.. anyone think i could get 60 ?

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