SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Part 71

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you interview experience of Sachin kumar ray
6005007946 BE(IT) MPR  RAIPUR Date 25-06-2015
BOARD – 1 Panel 4
time-20-22 minutes
Sports related(hobbies) question

 basketball (chairman)
1: What is nba , mvp players , champion Team.
India’s position, captain

2: Why sports culture is not in india..

3: Ganga, narmda, mahanadi, godavari, krishna flowing through which district and its orignating point.

4: World war 1- reason behind it and causes…

5: Tell me something about -vivekanand, dyanand sarwasati, ambedkar, sardar vallabh bhai patel…


1:  poona pact, golmez conference and mountbatein plan

2. I have taken my lunch.

Whic tense and change it to passive

3.what is difference beteen electorates and representatives.

(Madam 2)

1: Quantum physics
2: de broglie wave 
3: plank quantum       theory
4: types of wave and its examples
5: she gave me some simple geometry questions to solve.
6: angle and its measurement unit, degree radian relation
7: laws of thermodynamics
8: ohms law , kirchofs law, boyles law, charles law
(Madam ne to leli)

Sir (tecnical)

1: dbms
2: sql
3: ipv6, CDMA, TDMA
4: tranport layer protocol, UDP
5:java features
6: what is platform  (java platform independent)
7: difference between platform and operating system
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